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German music and culture:

German music and culture Missy Snyder


Almabtrieb the seasonal movement of people with their livestock between fixed summer and winter pastures.

Why Almabtrieb?:

Why Almabtrieb ? In the United States the cows graze on the farmer’s land. The cows milk is usually made into local cheese specialties using handmade traditional methods and tools. In Germany and Austria, farmers have a Senner to take their cows to the mountains to graze.

Senner, Alm, and Cows:

Senner , Alm , and Cows The Senner stay with the cows in the summer. This is an Alm . It’s were the Senner lives. The cows wear bells because if they wonder away they are easily found.


Celebration! To celebrate the cows milk production, the Senner dress up the cows to take them back down to the farm. Traveling back to town. Arriving in town.

What do they see?:

What do they see?

Bahn (Train):

The train is the most common form of transportation in Germany, compared to a car in the United States. People also use the train to get to their vacation destination. Bahn (Train)

PowerPoint Presentation:

Wenn wir fahrn fahrn fahrn mit der Bahn Bahn Bahn In das schöne Land Tirol am see Da begegnen wir einer Sennerin und dem Sennerbursch dazu YOO HOO!!

PowerPoint Presentation:

When we go go go in the train train train to the beautiful land of Tirol There we see the shepherd girl and the shepherd boy YEAH!!

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PowerPoint Presentation:

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