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Finding Inspiration through Taking Action:

Gwen Dittmar, MA ~ Entelechy Coaching, LLC Finding Inspiration through Taking Action March 13, 2013 One Health

Inspiration Versus Action:

Myth about inspiration: I need inspiration in order to take action Truth about inspiration: I need action in order to have inspiration Through continued action and inspiration we co-create bigger steps and bolder dreams Start with where you are right now Entelechy Coaching, LLC Inspiration Versus Action


Recovery: No one feels like getting sober. But by taking daily action of abstaining I gain sober time, I gain space between myself and the old, addictive coping patterns, I gain less craving, more humility, more Higher Power in my life. Apply this to any other dream you may have Writing: No one feels like writing. But by sitting in front of a computer daily for one hour or more I gain more words written, more sentences written, more pages written, co-creating a book with my Higher Power. Entelechy Coaching, LLC Examples


Know that you are already inspired, right here, right now. You were created IN-SPIRIT. You were born IN-SPIRIT. Your whole body runs IN-SPIRIT. What if I don't FEEL inspired? IN-SPIRIT Entelechy Coaching, LLC

Why Don’t I FEEL Inspired? :

Because I put things on top of that inspiration: Negative beliefs about myself Negative stories about what it is I ’ m attempting to accomplish Negative ways of labeling the day or the week or people around me Soon that inspiration feels like it ’ s not there anymore Then I sit around and wait for it to emerge somewhere else, somewhere outside of me. Why Don’t I FEEL Inspired? Entelechy Coaching, LLC


IN-SPIRIT is always inside of me It ’ s ready to go when I say YES and GO Our IN-SPIRIT wants my permission to express itself The way inspiration expresses, is for me to start writing - even if I am writing badly. I will get better in time the more I practice. "If a thing is worth doing, it's worth doing badly. ” - G. K. Chesterton READY – SET – GO Entelechy Coaching, LLC


What are you waiting to do until you are inspired to do it? Ask yourself, why are you waiting? Ask yourself, what kinds of actions you ’ ve taken? Are you ready to take action, even if its not perfect at first? Self forgive. List out the actions you can start taking on a daily basis. Be specific. Choose an accountability partner to support you in your daily actions. Be specific; How will you support one another? Exercise Entelechy Coaching, LLC

“Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” - Robert Louis Stevenson:

For more information contact: Gwen Dittmar, MA 310 -270-5226 Entelechy Coaching, LLC “Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant .” - Robert Louis Stevenson

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