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Making and Refining Selections. : 

Making and Refining Selections. Lizzie Richards.

Step one. : 

Step one. Go to in the top left scroll box, scroll down until you find ‘Photoshop CS3’ Then go down to the main scroll box and choose the second title in the scroll box ‘making and refining selections’ Go across to the ‘product’ side, and click on the blue box icon that has ‘Ps’ in it. That will then take you to a movie.

Step two. : 

Step two. Open up Photoshop and choose a photo you would like to edit. Then press ‘W” on your keyboard, that will start up the quick selection tool. With this tool you click and drag around the area you want selected. If there are spaces that don’t want selected, press the ALT button and click on the sections you don't want selected, example, Holes etc. You can zoom in and out and increase, decrease your brush size to get into the smaller sections. You have now selected the area you want to edit.

Step three. : 

Step three. Once you have done that. Up the top, in the tool options bar there is a button that has ‘Refine Edges’ written on it, click on this button. Preview your mask(selection) by choosing a background down the bottom so you can see if you have missed any obvious sections. If you’re edges are fuzzy in anyway. With the ‘feather’ section move it to the left until the lines become more defined. You can also contract or expand your image by moving it left or right with you’re courser. Use the contrast section to harden up the edges so they are not as soft and fuzzy. Once you are happy with how it looks, you have then modified your edge. Press okay.

Step four. : 

Step four. You are now going to lift your selection out of its background. By adding a layer mask to your layer. Go down to the bottom of the layers patter, and click on the third icon from the left. The ‘add layers mask’

Step five : 

Step five To finish your effect go back down to the bottom of the layer pallet and click on the second icon from the left the ‘fx’ icon. Then go up to ‘add drop shadow’ which is second from the top of the list. You move the shadow by pressing on the image and dragging it down a little bit. You can make the opacity higher or lower, it is up to you.

You have now learnt how to use the brand new selection tool. A quick, easy way to make that edge just perfect. : 

You have now learnt how to use the brand new selection tool. A quick, easy way to make that edge just perfect.

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