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Natural disasters are disasters that happen on the earth naturally and they can happen anywhere, anytime. Some disasters can destroy a whole country. Natural disasters

Natural disasters:

Natural disasters Land movement disasters Water disasters Weather disasters

Land movement disasters:

Land movement disasters Land movement disasters are disasters that occur on land. Such as earthquakes, volcanoes, wildfires, landslides and so on. Among them, one of the most powerful and destructive disaster is earthquake.

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Earthquake Earthquakes are shaking of the earth ’ s crust. An earthquake is always a violent shake of the Earth ’ s crust that may cause destruction to buildings and even cities. It is caused mostly by volcano activity, landslide, nuclear experiments and so on. The location where seismic wave( 地震波 ) come out is called Focus. The more shallow the focus, the greater the damage. The big earthquake that happened in Tangshan and Wenchuan were both shallow earthquake.

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Water disasters:

Water disasters Water disasters are disasters that occur in water such as ocean, rivers, lakes and so on. The most familiar and powerful disaster is sure to be tsunami.


Tsunami Tsunamis are powerful destructive waves that are often caused by storms ,earthquake or volcanoes underwater, together with loud noise. A tsunami can lead to a series of waves which are able to reach over 10 meters high. The tsunamis happened 2004 in Indian ocean was caused by earthquake deep in the sea and it resulted in more than 156,000 deaths.

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Weather disasters The weather is always changing. Nobody really know exactly what it will be like and where it will happen. Some weather phenomena appear to be a feast of eyes, such as rainbow or snow. However we have to pay attention to some other phenomena which can result in terrible destruction. Such as typhoons, tornadoes, lighting storms, etc. Here I ’ d like to introduce something about tornadoes.


Tornadoes Tornadoes are also called twisters in America. Tornadoes are one of the most beautiful, mystical natural weather phenomena. It can ’ t be predicted correctly as we predict hurricanes. Where there is a thunderstorm, there may appear tornadoes. The color of them range from white to black, those appear in water are usually white and those in land are gray or black, sometimes they are not visible. A tornado is extremely dangerous, it can destroy nearly everything it touches in its path. Tornadoes come in different shapes, but the most common shape is a funnel and the narrow end can touch the surface of the earth.

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