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ENGLISH COURSE Level A1 TÁMOP A1-13/4 K0271-P0001-K0029

Lessons 25-27 Unit 3A: A bad hair day Unit 3B: What do you have for breakfast? :

Lessons 25-27 Unit 3A: A bad hair day Unit 3B: What do you have for breakfast ?

1 Warm-up: TTT (table tennis talk):

1 Warm-up : TTT ( table tennis talk ) Work in pairs. Try to talk non-stop. Say one sentence about the photo, then listen to your partner’s sentence. You have 4 minutes. Don’t forget: talk non-stop! 

2 Small Talk:

2 Small Talk Stand up. Walk around the classroom. You will see different slides. You will have one minute to talk about it. When time is up, move on. If you need help, just ask – in English. 

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Number 1: Greet your partner. (Say hello.)

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Number 2: Say who do you live with.

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Number 3: Describe (talk about) your (dream) car.

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Number 4: Spell your first name.

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Number 5: Tell your phone number.

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Number 6: Tell what does your partner look like .

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Number 7: Tell what is your partner like.

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Number 8: Talk about your friend.

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Number 9: Say where you are from or where you live.

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Number 10: Say how you are today.

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Number 11: Say what’s in your bag.

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Number 12: Say how old you are.

4 Homework check:

4 Homework check Work in fours. WB: pp. 16-19 SB: pp. 22-23 TB: pp.130-131 You have 15 minutes. Time is up at 19:10.

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You have 10 minutes break.

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You have 30 minutes for Quicktest 2. Good luck.

Unit 3A: A bad hair day:

Unit 3A: A bad hair day What is your hair like ? long , medium-length or short ? straight , wavy or curly ? brown , red , blonde or black ? dyed or natural ?  Do you have a bad hair day ?

Unit 3A: A bad hair day:

Unit 3A: A bad hair day Let ’s prelearn some vocabulary : hairdresser = fodrász customer = vásárló, vendég, ügyfél Is this your first time here? = Először van itt? near here = a közelben, nem messze How do you want …? = Hogy akarja …? something = valami Do you want a tea? = Akar egy teát? Don’t worry . = Nyugalom. Ne aggódjon. Do you like it ? = Tetszik? Do you have children ? = Vannak gyerekei? Are you OK? = Jól van?

Unit 3A: Listening and Reading:

Unit 3A: Listening and Reading Go to SB p. 24. Do ex. 1a. ( use words in 1b)

Unit 3A: Vocabulary:

Unit 3A: Vocabulary Go to VB p. 107: Common Verbs

6 Homework:

6 Homework Photocopy

Day 9 is over. You did a wonderful job. Relax. You deserve it! Have a nice evening. See you on Saturday.:

Day 9 is over. You did a wonderful job. Relax . You deserve it ! Have a nice evening . See you on Saturday .

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