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ENGLISH COURSE Level A1 TÁMOP A1-13/4 K0271-P0001-K0029

Lessons 16-18 Unit 2A: What’s in your bag? Unit 2B: Family and Friends:

Lessons 16-18 Unit 2A: What ’s in your bag ? Unit 2B: Family and Friends

0 Revision Time:

0 Revision Time Work in pairs. Use only these words to form sentences: e.g.: You are a man. From Three Where Spell Country do Hungary fantastic Is Not Harry Girls You english I Am How In A like women Adults Happy Are man

1 Small Talk:

1 Small Talk First, read about Mr. Alapos. Next, stand up and walk around the classroom. Talk to 3 different people. Say 5-10 sentences about yourself. Answer your partner’s questions. Listen to your partner’s introduction. Ask 3-5 questions.

About Me:

About Me My name is Elemér Alapos . My first name is Elemér and my surname is Alapos . My friends call me Elemér . I'm 40 years old . I'm a doctor. I'm from Hungary. I'm Hungarian. I live in Szeged. Szeged is a town in Csongrád County. I can speak English quite well. I don't speak German. I would like to learn German and Spanish. What about you ? How are you today ? How do you spell your first name ?

2 Homework check:

2 Homework check Work in fours . SB: pp. 12-13 WB: pp. 10-11 TB: pp. 163-165 You have 15 minutes .  If you need help , feel free to tell me .

Unit 2A: Vocabulary:

Unit 2A: Vocabulary Go to SB p. 14, ex. 1a Name 5 things in the classroom .

Unit 2A: Vocabulary:

Unit 2A: Vocabulary Go to VB p. 104/B Small Things (Apróságok) What is this ? = Mi ez ? It is a b ook . = Ez egy könyv. This is an u mbrella . = Ez egy esernyő. What are these ? = Mik ezek ? These are book s . = Ezek könyvek. They are pen s . = Tollak.

Unit 2A: Grammar:

Unit 2A: Grammar SB: p. 14, ex. 2

Unit 2A: Grammar:

Unit 2A: Grammar Indefinite articles: (határozatlan névelők) e.g. It’s a b ag. – It ’s an u mbrella . Definite article: (határozott névelő) e.g. The bag is green. – T he umbrella is yellow . Plurals: regular vs. irregular (többesszám: szabályos – rendhagyó) e.g. Boy s are young. – Men are older . The boy s are here. – T he men are tired .

Unit 2A: Pronunciation:

Unit 2A: Pronunciation SB p. 14, ex. 3

Unit 2A: Grammar:

Unit 2A: Grammar SB p. 14, ex. 2c

Unit 2A: Grammar:

Unit 2A: Grammar GB p. 90, ex. 2A a) and b) Work in pairs . Please tell me when you are ready .

Unit 2A: Speaking and Writing:

Unit 2A: Speaking and Writing SB p. 15, ex. 4 a) and b) Work in pairs. Final task: - What’s in your bag? - In my bag, I have …

Unit 2A: Listening:

Unit 2A: Listening SB p. 15, ex. 5 Useful phrases : Here is your bag . = Tessék, itt a táskája. Here are your book s . = Tessék, a könyveid. Look it up in the dictionary . = Keresd ki a szótárból.

Unit 2B: Grammar:

Unit 2B: Grammar Vocabulary – do you know it ? here  there parrot Excuse me . Sorry . Where ? coat children Who ? What ? chair 1 2 3 4

Unit 2B: Grammar:

Unit 2B: Grammar

Unit 2B: Grammar:

Unit 2B: Grammar SB p. 16, ex. 1b

3 Homework:

3 Homework Revise. WB: pp. 12-13, 14/1a, 1b, 2a TB: pp.127-128

The 6th (sixth) day is over. You worked hard. Well done. Keep it up!  Have a nice evening. See you on Saturday.:

The 6 th ( sixth ) day is over. You worked hard . Well done . Keep it up !  Have a nice evening . See you on Saturday .

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