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ENGLISH COURSE Level A2 TÁMOP A2-13/4 K0271-P0001-K0038

Don’t forget… :

Don’t forget …

Lessons 16-18 Unit 1D: The Devil’s Dictionary:

Lessons 16-18 Unit 1D: The Devil ’s Dictionary

Unit 1C: Speaking:

Unit 1C: Speaking Let’s test how much you know about place prepositions.  Work in pairs. Answer the questions. (SB p. 9)

1 Small Talk:

1 Small Talk First , let ’s think about religion . What comes to your mind? Next , let ’s prelearn some words . Now discuss the following photo in groups of four . ( Use the grammar and vocabulary learnt .) Finally , each member of the group has to say 1 sentence about religion and/ or the photo in front of the IWB.

2 Homework check:

2 Homework check If you have done Topic 2, please hand it in . Work in fours. Check WB : pp. 8-9 TB: Student Profile ( Communicative 1A p. 183) TB: PrS and PrC ( Grammar 1B, 1C pp. 140-141) You have 15 minutes. Please use English while checking. If you have any questions , don ’t hesitate to ask me . 

Unit 1D: Vocabulary:

Unit 1D: Vocabulary SB: p. 11/ex. 4: Paraphrasing Useful vocabulary : Could you please paraphrase / explain / describe it ? = Lenne szíves elmagyarázni / körülírni? Could you put / say it in another / different way ? = Mondaná másként? It ’s a person / somebody who … = Ez egy személy, aki … It ’s a thing / something which … = Ez valami, ami … It ’s a place where … = Ez egy hely, ahol … Now work in pairs . Do ex. b)

Unit 1D: Vocabulary:

Unit 1D: Vocabulary It ’s somebody who teache s . = Valaki , aki tanít. It ’s a person who teache s . = Ez egy személy , aki tanít. It ’s a place where you can eat . = Ez egy hely , ahol ehetsz. It ’s a thing which you use to write . = Egy dolog , amit írásra használsz. It ’s a kind of food . = Ez egyfajta étel. It ’s the opposite of dark . = A „ dark ” ellentettje . It ’s like heavy , but we use it for exercises . = Olyan, mint a heavy , csak feladatokra használjuk. It ’s similar to the verb wake up . = Hasonló a wake up igéhez. It ’s how you feel when you didn ’t sleep a wink . = Így érzed magad, amikor egy szemernyit sem aludtál. For example , you do this with the pen . = Például ezt csinálod a tollal.

Unit 1D: Reading:

Unit 1D: Reading SB: p. 10/ ex. 1 Work in threes . Please do parts a) to d) Now try to give definitions : What is a bank? Who is a boring person ? What is the brain ? Who is a star ? Who is a friend ? What is a secret ?

Unit 1D: Reading:

SB: p. 10/ ex. 1 Do part e) Unit 1D: Reading

Unit 1D: Grammar:

SB: p. 10/ ex. 2 Go to GB 1D (p. 126) Let ’s learn about defining relative clauses using relative pronouns : which , who (>>> that ) or where . Now work in pairs , do ex. 1D, parts a) to c). Feel free to ask for help . Unit 1D: Grammar

Unit 1D: Listening:

Unit 1D: Listening SB: p. 11/ ex. 3 Go to SB p. 11, ex 3. Listen to part a). Now work in pairs and do part b) after the second listening . Finally , let ’s listen and check .

Unit 1D: Listening:

Unit 1D: Listening SB: p. 11/ ex. 3 Let ’s discuss some useful vocabulary : Who is a contestant ? What is nervous ? What is a definition ? Who is a cook ? What is a mouth ? What is thin ? What is worried ?

Unit 1D: Speaking:

Unit 1D: Speaking TB: p. 186 – Communicative : What ’s the word ? Stand up and walk around the classroom . Use the words in the grid but do not say them but paraphrase . Your pair has to guess the word . Talk to 5-7 different people . Try to use different paraphrasing structures .


Homework WB: pp. 10-11 TB: Relative clauses ( Grammar 1D, p. 142) Read: VB (File 1) and GB (1A, 1B, 1C, 1D) Revise  website

Day 6 is over. You worked very hard. Have a nice evening. See you on Wednesday.:

Day 6 is over. You worked very hard . Have a nice evening . See you on Wednesday .

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