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ENGLISH COURSE Level A1 TÁMOP A1-13/4 K0271-P0001-K0029

Lessons 1-3 Introduction Let’s get started.:

Lessons 1-3 I ntroduction Let’s get started .

0. English is everywhere!:

0 . English is everywhere ! Work in pairs. Collect English words. You have 2 minutes.

1. Nice to meet you:

1. Nice to meet you Work in pairs . Hello. My name is … What ’s your name ? Hi , I am ….. Nice to meet you . Nice to meet you .

2. How can I call you?:

2. How can I call you ? Work in pairs . How can I call you ? Please call me … And how can I call you ? Call me …

3. How are you today?:

3 . How are you today ? Work in pairs . How are you today ? I’m (not) … And you? I’m (not) … Word bank HAPPY – SAD – ILL – BORED - TIRED

4. Useful classroom vocabulary:

4. Useful classroom vocabulary Work in groups of three. Choose a colourful sheet to write on. Collect 20 phrases or sentences you might want to use during the course. You have 10 minutes.

5. Homework:

5 . Homework Practise new vocabulary.

The first day is over. You did a great job!  Have a nice evening. See you on Saturday.:

The first day is over. You did a great job !  Have a nice evening . See you on Saturday .

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