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1. Using Would : 

1. Using Would That is unacceptable. That would be unacceptable. That does not meet our requirements. That would not meet our requirements. We need further reassurance. We would need further reassurance. That is too late. I prefer to meet before that. We expect them to accept our proposal. We hope to be able to complete before the end of the year. Flying has definite advantages. I’m not able to give guarantee at this stage. Finance is no problem. I don’t agree. I’m afraid I don’t accept that.

2. Questions : 

2. Questions That is too late. Is that too late? That would be too late. Would that be too late? Flying would have advantages. Friday would be convenient. We need another meeting fairly soon. We could ask UN to finance the project. It would be a good idea to involve the French We could cancel. We’ve got to increase our offer. They can raise some of the finance themselves.

3. Adding n’t to suggestion : 

3. Adding n’t to suggestion Isn’t that too late? Wouldn’t that be too late?

4. Introductory phrases : 

4. Introductory phrases Actually, Well, Frankly, With respect, To be honest, As the matter of fact, In those circumstances, In fact, To put it bluntly

5. I’m afraid. : 

5. I’m afraid. Could I speak to Jack please? I’m afraid he’s out of the country at the moment. Would next Tuesday be convenient? I’m afraid I’m tied up all day. Can we meet again this week? Couldn’t we ask the IMF to fund us? Wouldn’t it be good idea to involve the American? Do you know the chairman personally? Have you got last year’s figure yet? Where’s the report? I thought you were going to bring the details today?

Qualifiers. : 

Qualifiers. A slight misunderstanding A little bit too early Some reservations A short delay A bit of a problem A little more time 1. That would leave me with a problem. 2. I have doubt about that. 3. We need more time. 4. We have production difficulties. 5. We have had a disagreement with our colleagues. 6. We need changes before I can give the proposal.

Not + very + positive adjective : 

Not + very + positive adjective The hotel was dirty the hotel wasn’t very clean. The food was cold the food was not very hot That is inconvenient. That is unsuitable. That is a stupid suggestion. This year’s figures are bad. That’s a negative ay of looking at the problem. That proposal is insensitive at local condition. That suggestion is impractical. That as an unhelpful remark. That’s a destructive approach. That’s a useless line of argument. I’m happy with that idea.

Comparatives : 

Comparatives Wouldn’t the 31st be more convenient? It might be cheaper to go by air. It’s appropriate to wait a few weeks. An earlier delivery date is helpful. It’s a good idea to take a long term view. It’s dangerous to delay a decision. Mr. Carlos is a good person to approach. The World Bank is anxious to support this kind of project

Continuous Forms : 

Continuous Forms I tried to ring you yesterday. We intended to make a new arrangement for next year. I wondered if you’d come to a decision yet. We hoped you’d accept 8 %. We discussed the problem yesterday.

Stressed words : 

Stressed words We’re quite interested in your suggestion. We were quite pleased with the proposal. We will be quite disappointed if we can’t reach agreement today. We think that’s quite a useful contribution to the discussion. He’s quite capable of helping us out of the difficulties. The new figures are quite exiting. That’s quite different from our own suggestion. We’re quite satisfied with the preliminary figures. We’re quite certain we can deliver by the end of the month.

Slide 12: 

we have sent you the details already We could meet again tomorrow. It is five o’clock. We are waiting for your decision. We are expecting a prompt reply. We have tried to keep you fully informed. We were disappointed. We do need at least four months notice. 9. We did expect to make a decision today. 10. This question does need to be resolved very soon.

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