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Welcome to Cuba

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Flag of Cuba

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Map of Cuba

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Transportation Total length of highways 60,858 km which includes paved and unpaved roads Cars, buses, air planes, railroads First railroad system was built in 1848 Some buses travel long-distance while others travel short-distances One airport is owned by the states- Cubana Two other airports- Aero Caribbean and Aerogaviota Airports operate European and Russian aircraft

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Transportation (Pictures)

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Communication Telephones- mainlines and mobile cellular Radio broadcast stations Internet- private citizens are prohibited from buying computers or accessing the internet without special authorization (foreigners can use internet in large hotels, but have firewalls) Cubans buy illegal passwords so that the governemt can not invade their privacy

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Healthcare Cuban government operates a national health system, no private hospitals or clinics are permitted Before the Cuban Revolution Cuba had amazing rates in all healthcare areas, the mortality rate was the 3rd lowest in the world and had one of the highest life expectancy rates in the region. Today- Life expectancy at birth m/f:76.0/80.0 (years) Healthy life expectancy at birth m/f: 67.1/69.5 (years) Child mortality m/f: 8/7 (per 1000) Adult mortality m/f: 131/85 (per 1000)

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Family Life Very family oriented Different lifestyles in Cuba Tourist life-those who live where most of the tourism is live a healthy and stable life Wealthy life-most Cubans who live a wealthy life live it because they have family who live in the states and send them money each month, also send clothes, computers, TVs and much more Poor life-these people have no one outside of Cuba to help them live and struggle each day just to put food on the table

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Traditions Marriage- no sex before marriage, men have to ask father for permission, girl does not go see boy, boy sees girl Quince- when a girl turns 15 her parents celebrate her becoming a woman, huge party, food drinks and a lot of dancing, big white dress and crown Noche Buena- Dec 24, Christmas Eve, cook a pig, a lot of food, dancing, Santa visits kids.

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Quince (Pictures)

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Food Cook with a lot of flavor, seasonings Main food: Rice with black beans and pork Pork can be cooked diffferent ways, main way is entire pork cooked in a box True Cuban Sandwhich -Ham, roasted pork, swiss cheese, pickles, mustard, and salami in Cuban bread pressed in a a hot press toaster

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Food (Pictures)

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Deserts Arroz con leche- rice pudding Flan- most known and common desert *made with caramel and cream cheese Tres Leches Cake

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Sports Baseball- considered to be the national sport, and the sport most Cubans are passionate about *Sport has been around since the 19th century Boxing- every four years Cuba comes home from the Olympics with a few medals in this sport, has been very successful *Total of 25 Olympic or world championship medals

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Tourism Villa Clara Province- five stars *Churches, museums Iglesia del Santo Christo del Buen Viaga Beaches- known for clear warm waters, and soft white sand

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