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By: jwilks70 (91 month(s) ago)

CPR is an excellent first aid tool, and everyone should know its basic process to save lives. When I lived out there, I took some CPR classes in Sacramento. I am now certified and am prepared for an emergency situation. My friends and family are reassured with the piece of mind that I will be able to help out in an emergency if need be. I found my classes through http://chealthcare.com But there are thousands of CPR programs all around the nation. Make sure you check into one.

By: GreyP (94 month(s) ago)

Taking CPR classes and getting your certification is something everyone should do. http://www.cprconsultants.com offers CPR certification in Raleigh.

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1-Rescuer CPR : 

1-Rescuer CPR Student Practice Check Sheet

STEP 1 : 

STEP 1 Survey the scene

STEP 2 : 

STEP 2 Check for response

STEP 3 : 

STEP 3 Activate emergency response/tell someone to get AED

STEP 4 : 

STEP 4 Open airway using head tilt-chin lift

STEP 5 : 

STEP 5 Check breathing

STEP 6 : 

STEP 6 Give 2 breaths (1 second each)

STEP 7 : 

STEP 7 Check signs of circulation

STEP 8 : 

STEP 8 Locate CPR hand position

STEP 9 : 

STEP 9 Deliver first cycle of 30 compressions at the correct rate

STEP 10 : 

STEP 10 Give 2 breaths (1 second each)

STEP 11 : 

STEP 11 Deliver cycle of compressions using correct hand position

STEP 12 : 

STEP 12 Give 2 breaths (1 second each)

STEP 13 : 

STEP 13 Deliver third cycle of compressions of adequate depth with full chest return

STEP 14 : 

STEP 14 End on 2 breaths

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