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MEMORANDAM Presented by S B Mirza GC university Faisalabad


CONTENTS Introduction Types of memo Typical components Format Sample memo

Introduction : 

Introduction "Memo writing is technical writing with its sleeves rolled up.“ A memo is a no-nonsense professional document, designed to be read quickly and passed along rapidly, often within a company or work group.

Typical components : 

Typical components Header Purpose Summary Discussion  Action

Header : 

Header The header is a compact block of information at the top of a memo Memorandum To: Bio-info Students From: S.B.Mirza Date: 28/1/09 Re: Writing Memos

Explanation : 

Explanation Date: Spell it out.  In some countries "12/01/09" means "December 1, 2009," but in others it means "12 January, 2009." To: and From:  In general, omit titles such as Professor or Mr., but follow the style your organization prefers.  Write your initials after your name on the "From" line.

Slide 7: 

. cc ("Carbon Copy") BCC("Blind Carbon Copy"):  .  A "blind copy" might go to a person who should be informed of what is going on (such as an office assistant or a secretary), but not directly involved.

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These headers are optional. Subject/Re must be specific concise but meaningful

Purpose : 

Purpose Immediately state your reason for writing for instance In response to your request, I am writing to provide you with recommendations on..... I am writing to inform you of ......

Summery : 

Summery it should be a miniature version of the memo so put all your important information up front in summery

Discussion : 

Discussion discussion section should include sufficient background information Start with the old information and work carefully towards the new

Action : 

Action you should finish with a clear call for action The tone of request message should encourage cooperation. You may wish to mention the actions that you plan to take next(deadline) summarizing statement or closing thought

Format : 

Format Paragraph formats Segment allocation Format for hard copy memo

Paragraph formats : 

Paragraph formats There are two ways to format the text of a memo block format modified block format

block format : 

block format begins every paragraph flush with the left margin leaves an empty line of space between each paragraph do not justify the right margin

Modified block format : 

Modified block format indents each paragraph does not leave an empty line of space between each paragraph do not justify the right margin

Segment allocation : 

Segment allocation Header: 1/8 of the memo Opening, Context and Task: 1/4 of the memo Summary, Discussion Segment: 1/2 of the memo Closing Segment, Necessary Attachments: 1/8 of the memo

Tips for formatting hard copy memos : 

Tips for formatting hard copy memos Leave 2 top margin Set side margin at 1 or ¼ inches Leave a blank line b/w the heading guide words Align the information following the headings Leave 2 blank lines b/w subject ad the first line of the memo

Slide 19: 

Leave single space within the memo and double space b/w paragraph Sign your initials after your name on the from line Graphic highlights(bullets, numbers etc)makes information to easier to read and review.

Types of memos : 

Types of memos There are   four   types   of   memos Directive Response to an Inquiry Trip Report Field/Lab Reports

Directive Memos : 

Directive Memos It states a policy or procedure you want the reader or co-worker to follow length of the memo depends on explanation it should have clear purpose then provide statements that explain the rationale for a decision or procedure.

Response Memos : 

Response Memos Its purpose is to provide desired information It usually has four parts purpose statement summary discussion action

Trip Report Memos : 

Trip Report Memos It’s usually sent to a supervisor after an employee returns from a business venture. The structure is listed below: purpose statement summary discussion action

Field/Lab Report Memos : 

Field/Lab Report Memos used to report on inspection and procedure It has the following structure purpose of memo summary problem leading to the decision to perform the procedure methods

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results conclusions recommendations

Sample memo : 

Sample memo

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Yours Questions PLZ

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