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With the advancements in technology, modern customers are well-informed about the available options in the market. In the hour when customer expectations are touching the skies, the business world has become a battleground where brands wrestle to win the customers.


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Supporting Businesses To Master The Art Of Customer Experience Management Spotlight The Impact Of CEM On The Rapid Growth Of Telecom Industry Tech Corner This Flexible Device Will Convert Wi-Fi Signals Into Electricity Using 2D Materials Ryan Smith Co-founder CEO C E M S o l u t i o n P r o v i d e r s To G o F o r I n 2 0 1 9 Most Rewarding THE February 2019

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EDITOR’S LETTER Our readers and magazine subscribes can also leaf through some intriguing articles on ways in which CEM is driving the rapid growth of telecom industry in the Spotlight section and how an advanced flexible device can convert Wi-Fi signals into electricity using 2D materials in Tech Corner. We have also chronicled the success journeys of leading CEM solution providers such as livepro Brad Shaw Sciensio Chuck Elias Keatext Narjès Boufaden Intense Technologies K. Shastri and RedQuanta Pankaj Guglani who have brought new waves of transformation and creative innovations in this industry. Featured on the cover is Qualtrics a prominent experience management solutions providing company serving renowned firms from various industries. Successfully led and driven by Ryan Smith Co- founder CEO the tech giant is elevating customer experiences and turbocharging businesses with its state-of-the-art platform. Our latest magazine issue on ‘The 10 Most Rewarding CEM Solution Providers To Go For In 2019’ features such modern-day CEM solution providing companies who are helping organizations to build impressive sales and marketing strategies enhanced customer service and offering pointers for maintaining healthier relationships with their customers. From the Experts Column Elyse Flynn Meyer Founder President Prism Global Marketing Solutions explains how to connect with one’s audience authentically communicate their brand and Ricky Solorzano CEO Allevi states his company’s vision and mission of building tools to design and engineer with life. We are currently living in a highly competitive marketplace where emerging and established enterprises are locking horns with each other to make an impact target a mammoth crowd engage customers and gain loyalty to stay industry relevant. Therefore one needs to dig deep to understand customers their behaviours requirements and apply effective means to keep them engaged. This is where the customer experience management CEM industry comes into play. Dawn of Social Customer Era For more updates on business and technology sectors visit our official website and stay tuned for upcoming magazine issues. Enjoy Reading Anuja Mulmule Managing Editor

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C O V E R S T O R Y Supporting Businesses To Master The Art Of Customer Experience Management 10 Ricky Solorzano | CEO Empowering Other’s to Build With Life How To Connect With Your Audience Authentically Communicate Your Brand Elyse Flynn Meyer Founder President Experts’ Views 26 2 0 Allevi

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Processing Unstructured Feedback Data With Keatext AI-powered Text Analytics Platform Keatext: Transforming Customer Experience Through Its Outside–In Winning Approach RedQuanta: Articles The Impact Of CEM On The Rapid Growth Of Telecom Industry This Flexible Device Will Convert Wi-Fi Signals Into Electricity Using 2D Materials Assisting Organizations To Enhance Customer Experience Through Uniserve ™ Nxt Intense Technologies: The Single Source Of Truth Taking Customerexperience Management To The Next Level livepro: Tech Corner Spotlight 30 18 Rening Customer Service With AI-based Chatbot Products And Services Sciensio: 32 38 34 40 2 4

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C o v e r S t o r y

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Supporting Businesses To Master The Art Of Customer Experience Management C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE Ryan Smith Co-founder CEO

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W ith the advancements in technology modern customers are well-informed about the available options in the market. In the hour when customer expectations are touching the skies the business world has become a battleground where brands wrestle to win the customers. Be it a new entrant or an established business giant every organization is being driven by customers. As a result to survive grow and succeed in their fields it has become crucial for businesses to have a customer-centric approach. Moreover today knowing the unsaid rules of customer-driven business economy every organization is taking part in Customer Experience Management CX which is the new brand imperative. Incepted in 2002 with a mission to close the experience gaps is supporting business Qualtrics entities for CX in a more effective efficient and convenient way. Remarkably Qualtrics Experience Management XM is the only software platform that helps brands continually assess the quality of their four core experiences—customers employees products and brands. With Qualtrics XM organizations can be at every meaningful touch point for every experience and predict the changes to resonate most with stakeholders. Satisfying Global Renowned Firms Qualtrics a part of SAP is co-headquartered in Provo Utah and Seattle Washington. The experience management solution provider today serves more than 10000 enterprise clients in over 9 countries including USA UK Australia Japan Singapore and New Zealand. In addition to CX the tech giant has proven to play an effective role in several fields such as Education Human Resources Market Research Product Management Customer Service Employee Experience Brand Experience and Product Experience. Having set a global footprint Qualtrics deals with clients from various industries such as Retail Healthcare Financial Services Travel Hospitality B2B Government Media Airlines and Automotive. Moreover its huge client base consists of the world’s most iconic companies like Coca-Cola Disney IBM Sony Nestle PG HM Yamaha Ford Microsoft Chanel Salesforce Forbes Oracle and many more. Harnessing a Platform that Turbocharges Businesses Qualtrics Experience Management platform is the prime solution offered by Qualtrics which helps users manage customer employee product and brand experience. From the customer experience standpoint it supports and engages customers on their terms predict what client’s customers will do next and activate the entire organization. With this feature businesses can measure and improve every meaningful interaction and turn customers into fanatics who stay longer spend more and spread a word. In employee experience management Qualtrics allows designing employee experiences that deliver world-class technology and expert consulting to help every employee succeed and contribute to Qualtrics’ solutions help turn customers into fanatics products into obsessions employees into ambassadors and brands into religions. “ COVER STORY

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your success. Besides it also helps to develop a phenomenal culture by improving each phase of the employee’s lifecycle from pre-hire to exit. By means of it users can attract train and retain a best-in-class workforce of ambassadors. From the product experience point of view this solution is the most suitable one that puts customers at the heart of clients’ products. With its application clients can identify features that users want shorten product development cycles and drive usage loyalty with more convenience. Moreover users can perfectly predict and price packages that people will obsess over. By putting hands on brand experience management business entities can understand their market customers and competitors better than ever before. Qualtrics BrandXM puts clients in control with powerful easy-to-use tools to help grow their brand. This offering enables clients to build an iconic brand by identifying brand drivers testing ads and executing positioning that turns brands into religions. Elevating Experiences based on Research Qualtrics Research Core a sophisticated research platform helps to create loyalty-driving experiences close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results for a business. From customer insights to market segmentation to concept testing Research Core is the only research platform that caters businesses’ every research need such as customer insights product RD marketing brand research and strategy planning. High-Quality Inputs Leading High-Quality Outputs In the service industry an organization’s major inputs are its employees and their actions which speak and result in the outcomes. Qualtrics with the focus on quality neither hires mediocrity nor delivers it. For this fact only 2 of the applicants are hired later giving their 100. The members of Qualtrics push each other challenge each other but also care about each other. Notably each of them acts like an owner and that is what makes Qualtrics a first-class outcome generator. Exceptional Values Making Qualtrics Impeccable As values are fundamental for a culture believing in them helps an organization form shape the greater the values the greater the culture. The team of Qualtrics follows its values which foster the workplace environment resulting in excellent outcomes. Its values are as below. § Transparent: Their default is to share leading to open debate trust and decisions based on data not politics. § All In: The members bet on Qualtrics and Qualtrics bets on them. With this approach the team delivers whatever it takes. § Customer Obsessed: If a customer is upset they considerate it as a failure. To deal with it positively they learn work and fix it. § One Team: Knowing the merits of collaboration they say that there is only one team at Qualtrics. Moreover they win and lose together and never say “That’ s not my job.” Qualtrics Research Core helps businesses create loyalty-driving experiences close experience gaps and deliver breakthrough results. “ C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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§ Scrappy: The smart team of a resourceful organization always finds a way to conquer the challenges. They believe in writing their own story instead of following others. A Magnificent Personality Taking Qualtrics a Step Ahead Ryan Smith is the Co-founder and CEO of Qualtrics who is making a difference in the field of CX with his venture. In 2018 he was awarded as “MountainWest Capital Network Entrepreneur of the Year.” Moreover the winner of “America’ s Most Promising CEOs Under 35” in 2013 is a kind-hearted person who believes in being the change rather than expecting it to happen from the universe. “5 For The Fight” Movement In 2002 when Ryan’s father Scott Smith was diagnosed with cancer he spent lots of time together with him. Meanwhile the two of them began working on a tech project which later grew into Qualtrics. During this period Ryan and Scott decided that if their basement startup ever turned into anything they would focus their philanthropic efforts on funding cancer research in an effort to eradicate this horrible disease. Today when Qualtrics has become a multi-billion dollar tech company they launched “5 For The Fight”. By means of this movement they are inviting people to join them by donating 5 for this cause as Qualtrics and the Utah Jazz are creating a cure together by the research. Seeking Betterment of Human Experience As Qualtrics’ technology scales from people and companies to communities and governments in the future it looks ahead to close gaps in ways the world has never dreamed possible. It believes that their technology will not only empower the world’s greatest companies but also understand human emotions beliefs sentiments and values. Furthermore the company continuously seeks ways to close some of the world’s biggest gaps such as political misunderstandings human rights issues health care disparities gender equality education and income. “ Our solutions help you automate actions that drive improvement across customer employee product and brand experiences. COVER STORY

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Company Info Company Name Albatross CX Christophe Caïs CEO Albatross CX is a global customer experience agency for premium and luxury brands specializing in capturing and analysing experience feedback. ConfirmitKen W. Østreng President CEO Confirmit makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture feedback from customer product brand employee experience. EaziPoints Nithya Ananth Founder CEO EaziPoints provides unique customer loyalty program and customer engagement platform to increase sales and better customer experience using latest technologies. Intense Technologies K. Shastri Founder Intense Technologies develops software products used for digitalization of customer experience lifecycle. livepro is a multichannel CX knowledge management system passionate about improving customer service through effective knowledge management. Podium helps businesses to build brand trust through more customer reviews facilitating customer interaction and managing customer feedback. Qualtrics is an experience management solution provider that supports business entities for CX in a more effective efficient and convenient RedQuanta is a global customer experience management company empowering brands to improve their customer experience and revenue. Sciensio is a leading company in the CEM sector which has developed AI Chatbots that deliver deep and engaging customer conversations on multiple channels. Keatext Narjès Boufaden Founder CEO Keatext synthesizes in seconds large volumes of unstructured customer feedback data from multiple channels to produce actionable insights. livepro Brad Shaw CEO Podium Eric Rea CEO RedQuanta Pankaj Guglani Founder CEO Sciensio Chuck Elias Co-founder CEO Qualtrics Ryan Smith Co-founder CEO C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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with reduced operational expenses which tends to elevate the entire user experience. Its enterprise software products are used all over the globe having customers in more than 45 countries across 4 continents. With more than 10 years of experience the leading CEM solutions providing company has an enormous enterprise knowledge in telecom domain. Intense Technologies was established with the mission to develop automated solutions for customer experience lifecycle and now it has introduced a digital technology platform UniServe ™ NXT. UniServe ™ NXT empowers the reengineering of business information processes and develops enterprise applications that facilitate seamless collaboration with employees customers processes partners and connected things. UniServe ™ NXT is a Rapid Enterprise Application Production platform built with strong modules such as Data Virtualizations Microservices RPA and sandbox configurable APIs AI and Bots. It gives the freedom to create manage scale and evolve rapidly and dynamically in this age of digital transformation. This next-gen platform also assists in automating the process of customer acquirement engagement and delivers first-rate customer experience. Additionally it is engineered to use an outside- in approach that puts customers first making it customer- centric. The platform is designed to help organizations to enrich the customer experience control operational expenses and explore new business models and revenue streams. Moreover the software products seamlessly T he waves of digitalisation have endowed customers and have brought new ways of interaction between customers and enterprises taking customer experience to the whole new level. Advancements in technologies like cloud and big data analytics are being used to design manage and improve customer experience. Besides many developments are made to help companies track manage and enrich the customer’s journey. Owing to this Customer Experience Management CEM is at the centre stage for every organization. Ultimately the quality of experience offered by the enterprise to the customer is going to influence the destiny of the enterprise. Today new and advanced business models are developed to uplift the entire customer experience making this area a crucial and central part of every organization. Things are getting even better with ’ digital technology Intense Technologies platform UniServe ™ NXT. Company with Award-winning Products Headquartered in Telangana Intense Technologies develops software products used for digitalization of customer experience lifecycle and makes it more customer-centric 18 Assisting Organizations To Enhance Customer Experience Through Uniserve ™ Nxt C. K. Shastri | Founder

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defining the future strategies of the company and designs the GTM strategies for several geographies. He spends time with every department like operations marketing RD and sales and gives them valuable strategic direction. The dynamic Founder also enjoys interacting and maintaining good relationship with the customers. C. K. Shastri is also deeply passionate about entrepreneurship and hopes to maintain India’s place on the worldwide stage for excellence in enterprise software products development. Furthermore he is fervent about piloting the technology roadmap of Intense Technologies and establishing its top-most positioning. He strongly believes that technology can solve a lot of human problems if used in the right way. Keeping his personal belief in mind that digital customer experience will become a competitive differentiator the versatile founder makes sure that his team understands and contributes towards building tech-driven and transformational solutions. Patience Persistence and Perseverance are the Success Mantras When asked about sharing his valuable wisdom with the aspiring entrepreneurs the founder of Intense Technologies asserts “One needs to have a strategy to get success in this field as it is very distinct from IT services. Here products require a longer period of time for development and selling cycle which ultimately yields good returns. In this sector one needs to have technology leadership along with patience persistence and perseverance to become competitive in the global market.” integrate into the existing system. As a consequence the solutions range from customer onboarding customer communication management customer engagement hub financial reconciliation to customer identity management B2B customer experience modernize order management and omnichannel customer experience. Assisting Clients with CEM Expertise and Impressive Outcomes The award-winning products by Intense Technologies integrate into the client’s current system flawlessly without replacing existing IT infrastructure. Moreover these technologies assist the organization to swiftly develop applications that suits the requirements of the business. Today it processes about 25 billion USD worth of client revenue data helps 2.5 million onboard customers daily. Owing to its CEM expertise and impressive outcomes Intense Technologies has marked its presence in various sectors such as Communication and Media Banking and Financial Services Insurance Energy and utilities Government and Manufacturing. Prepared to Tackle with New Technologies Since their inception Artificial Intelligence AI and Internet of Things IoT have made lot of changes in various fields and are now reforming customer interactions. Furthermore AI and other disruptive technologies are exponentially changing the nature of computers and that’s why modern enterprises must be proactive about how these technologies could be implanted in their current customer interfacing processes. Coming to the rescue is UniServe ™ NXT offering plug and play modules for advanced technologies and supporting enterprises to be future ready. Moreover the platform is driven by next-generation technologies such as RBAC Role-Based Access Control and ABAC Attribute-Based Access Control which provides privacy and security to the enterprise data. Leader with Strategies and Passion C. K. Shastri the Founder of Intense Technologies believes in leadership through transparency and empowerment. He has pioneered the territories of digital transformation and customer experience and put India on the global stage in enterprise software products development. His leadership has instigated the strength to strength growth of Intense Technologies and today the company is acknowledged as a global technology leader. C.K. Shastri plays an active role in ” “ 19 Our mission is to constantly harness our creativity and zeal to deliver world-class software products that fetch substantial returns creating top-line and bottom-line growth for our global clients. C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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Experts Views W ith millions of businesses looking to compete for mindshare having a strong and authentic brand is absolutely critical for businesses to differentiate themselves. First you need to understand your brand identity. According to HubSpot: “A brand identity is made up of what your brand says what your values are how you communicate your concepts and the emotions you want your consumers to feel when they interact with your business. Essentially your brand identity is the personality of your business and a promise to your consumers.” Think of your brand as a multitude of assets made up of your name terms designs symbols and other features that identify your business. Your brand is not just your logo and it cannot stop there when you’re building your brand. For example when you hear the name Apple you think of their innovation commitment to service sleek products connection to their consumers and more. This goes far beyond logos and imagery or even creative advertising campaigns. Their brand connects at an emotional level with their customers and their customers feel a sense of intense loyalty to the brand. As a marketer or business owner you understand your brand. But sometimes communicating your brand to your prospective audience is the challenge. While details like your font choice logo and tagline are important your brand’s authentic voice will have the greatest influence on the hearts and minds of your readers. So how can you know what the voice of your brand is so you can start to focus on how to authentically communicate with your audience Imagine that your brand is a person. How would he or she act look and speak Everything you say as a business including your email marketing tweets social media updates and blog posts should convey this unique voice so that people can connect with your brand on a personal level. How To Connect With Your Audience AUTHENTICALLY COMMUNICATE Your Brand Founder President | Prism Global Marketing Solutions Elyse Flynn Meyer 20

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Here are four steps to take when developing your brand identity to communicate more authentically with your audience: 1. Define Your Target Persona Understanding your target persona is the first step to determine your brand voice. Identify who your target market is where they search for information and some of the personal elements that most resonate with them. For example if your target market is working mothers you may want to consider how you market to this persona as their interests and priorities are different from their single male colleagues. Once you know who your audience is you can create content that speaks to them and delivers them the most value based on their unique priorities and goals. 2. Determine Your Ideal Communication Channels One of the most important challenges to communicate your brand authentically is to find the channels that align best with your brand and the message you are looking to deliver. There are so many digital channels out there now that it’s impossible to be everywhere and actually do a good job communicating authentically with your audience. Think about who your personas are and where they spend the most time. For example if you are a business-to-business B2B company you may find that LinkedIn is a great social media channel and that email marketing is an effective way to get in touch with your consumer. Whereas if you are a business-to-consumer B2C company Instagram or Pinterest may be better social media platforms and text messaging may be a more effective communication channel. Find the channels that are going to resonate most clearly with your audience. 3. Understand The Message You’re Looking To Deliver The way you deliver your message and the language you use is just as important as the actual content. Think of how you hope to present your brand to your audience. Are you more casual or professional in nature If you are more casual you may want to consider things like using emojis or slang in your message. If you are a B2B or a luxury brand you may want to use more professional language. Whatever the case be sure to stay consistent. The language and tone you use need to match the personality of your brand on all channels. 4. Establish An Emotional Connection By Telling Stories People love stories. They love stories that connect with them on an emotional level and drive them to a point of action. A strong brand identity can establish that emotional connection with consumers which is the most solid foundation for building a lasting relationship with your brand. Stories also prompt people to share your content and invite people to directly engage with your brand and share your brand’s story on your behalf. Always keep in mind that your brand represents your business mission and vision to your current and potential customers. If you want to reach your audience it is essential to develop a distinctive voice that accurately and authentically communicates your brand. As Jeff Bezos has said “Branding is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.” Do you want to learn more about how you can connect with your audience online I invite you to schedule a complimentary digital marketing consultation with a member of our team. 02 21 C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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Helping Businesses to Transform Unstructured Data into Actionable Insights Most of the CEM platforms have traditionally focused on managing customer data and reporting insights from structured customer data. Such data includes customer touch points revenues generated by customer etc. However surveys show that inadequate efforts have been made towards drawing actionable insights from unstructured data like comments reviews and open-ended questions. These reasons have stipulated a need for advanced text analytics technology to process that type of data. Keatext is among the very first businesses that dedicated its technological expertise in AI and deep learning to solve the specific problem of transforming unstructured customer feedback into a knowledge base suitable for querying reporting and predicting new insights based on customers’ opinions reasons and motivations. Using advanced text analytics technology Keatext helps businesses to be proactive in managing customer experience by revealing blind spots and detecting negative or positive trends exhibited by the customers’ behaviors. It follows a mission to help businesses cultivate meaningful relationships with their customers and employees by providing them with instant clarity on what they care about most and by increasing their ability to respond rapidly to their needs. Keatext AI-Powered Text Analytics Platform Designed to minimize response time Keatext AI-powered platform is a cloud-based opinion-analysis engine that utilizes deep learning to transform customer feedback into an ever W hen asked about the importance of Customer Experience Management sector CEM in the 21st- century business world Narjès Boufaden the Founder and CEO of explains—“Customer Keatext Experience is the new competitive edge for businesses thriving for sustainable growth.” Further she states—“As industries mature it is becoming increasingly difficult for businesses to make a difference just focusing their efforts on product development and innovation. Therefore personalisation and outstanding customer relationships are becoming determining factors while gaining customers’ loyalty.” By 2010 the CEM sector had gained the interest of market researchers and analysts. To elaborate this Narjès shares some recent stats. In 2014 the CAGR for 2017 was estimated at nearly 20. In 2018 the CAGR was more around 23 and it is projected to stay that way until 2024. Moreover she adds—“With the popularization of new communication channels like chatbots or live chats we can expect the development of more new products and services around these new technologies to leverage customer insights and improve customer experience.” Processing Unstructured Feedback Data With Keatext AI-powered Text Analytics Platform Narjès Boufaden | Founder CEO 24

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Additionally Keatext is currently working on strategic updates to its platform capabilities to predict customer disengagement and recommend action items to prevent it. These updates will help businesses become more proactive and will position them a step closer to real personalized CX management. CEO Leading Keatext Vision with Extensive Technical Experience As the Founder and CEO Narjès looks after the achievement of Keatext’s vision by providing the means to make it happen gathering the brightest people in the team assuring funds to execute that vision and ensuring that along every step of the way the company growth brings more value to the customers. She believes—“Every responsibility comes with challenges and work that generate different levels of excitement.” As a technical CEO with extensive experience in machine learning applied to Natural Language Understanding she particularly appreciates Keatext customers for their trust on its innovation capabilities and the value Narjès and her team provide to their businesses. Further Narjès shares her opinion on starting a business in the current CEM space. According to her—“The CEM space is becoming more and more crowded and to start a business in this sector the assessment of the competitive landscape must be the first step.” She also adds—“Assessment from both viewpoints a business i.e. problems that have been addressed so far and a technical standpoint is crucial.” Finally speaking about the better utilization of customer data Narjès says—“Big companies with a focus on latest scientific and technological advancements tend to be more agile and faster to develop new capabilities. However I think that there is still room in these companies to improve the way they leverage customer data to produce business insights.” growing knowledge base that captures customer behaviors wants and needs. This platform synthesizes bulk volumes of feedback from multiple channels like open-survey questions support tickets chats online reviews and social network posts to produce actionable insights. Importantly Keatex platform does not require any setup. Its output is delivered on one comprehensive dashboard. Moreover it features multilingual analysis and context-sensitive industry-agnostic understanding as well as automatic visualization of correlations and trends with report-sharing capabilities. To match customers’ needs Keatext offers a variety of services and packages. As Narjès explains—“Its self-serve package includes access to the AI-powered platform on a monthly basis. It allows businesses with data analysis expertise to do the analysis of customer feedback on their own and creates reports on customer behavior trends and issues that need immediate attention to improve customer loyalty.” Keatext’s best seller expert services package is meant to provide a turnkey offer that matches the need of businesses with needs in data scientist expertise. Narjès adds—“This package also comes with premium services including external data sourcing such as feedback on the brand or its competition from review platforms. Additionally this comprehensive package provides a complete monthly overview of customer feedback from internal and external data sources and a systematic benchmarking of the business against its competition.” Maximizing Customer ROI with Key Strategies As Narjes points out—“Keatext’s strategies to maximize ROI for its customers revolve around two dimensions: assist businesses in making educated decisions based on data and feedback and benchmarking and prioritizing decisions by knowing their competitive landscape.” Firstly the platform makes unstructured data actionable and provides insights that can lead to improved satisfaction ratings and customer retention upgraded products and services and increased sales. “Keatext also helps to compare data such as purchase information or customer touch points with insights from customers’ feedback providing an accurate picture of customer behavior by segment. This in turn helps businesses understand the reasons that could trigger negative trends which could eventually lead to disengagement and churn.”—Narjes specifies. Secondly Keatext allows businesses to benchmark their customer experience against the competition and prioritize efforts in a strategic way considering what the competition does. “By comparing their customers’ feedback against the competition’s customer feedback businesses can have a better idea of their performance in the market.”—Narjes adds. ” “ C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 We transform unstructured customer feedback into useful insights for businesses to proactively manage customer experiences. THE 25

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A llevi is building tools to design and engineer with life. Our 3D bioprinters and bioinks are used by leading researchers all around the world to find solutions to humanity’s most difficult problems - to cure disease to test novel drugs to eliminate the organ waiting list to build with life. Founded in 2014 our mission is to make it easy to design and engineer 3D tissues. We created our desktop 3D bioprinter to be the most versatile powerful and easy-to-use bioprinter on the market. Since our humble beginnings we have grown to serve hundreds of labs in all corners of the world and have become leaders in the biofabrication revolution. At the biggest challenge is definitely the Allevi symphony of things that need to work together to make the overall solution work. 3D printing is a mixture of robotics software and material science. For us we still use robotics and software but our added layer of complexity is that we print cells. And this is truly where we derive our specialty. We’ve learned a lot in the past to be able to print and pattern cells. The next step is really to get the biology to perform and working with biologist around the world is the best way to tackle this. In terms of the 3D printing industry the globe is moving towards demands of more regional personalized products as well as thoughts around sustainability. In era where mass manufacturing has become mainstream the new generations are more conscious of where products are bought who makes them and how do they benefit not only themselves but the community. I believe we will see 3D printing continue to take a greater and greater role in providing Empowering Other’s to Build With Life 26 Experts Views

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these more regionalized sustainable products for new market demands. In terms of Allevi medicine is also driving in a more personalized direction. Informed patients are understanding that tailored medication will drive more efficient and effective results for their treatments. This is particularly true when it comes to either more chronic or cancerous diseases. Therefore 3D bioprinting will allow physicians to be able to print out patient’s disease tissue to study drugs to understand the personalized prognosis for the patient in a quick fashion. Likewise physicians will also be able to in the future print personalized therapeutics from drugs to medical devices. The future of medicine is personalized and Allevi is excited to be catalyzing this new era. About the Author: Ricky Solorzano CEO Allevi Ricky Solorzano the CEO of Allevi guides the vision strategy and day to day operation. He has been obsessed with tissue engineering for 8 years created the rst desktop 3D bioprinter out of his dorm room and has been a Forbes 30 under 30 Inc 30 under 30 and Business Insider 100: The Creators 65. 27 C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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savvy customers can refer to in order to get instant answers. If knowledge is stored in multiple locations and updated in some instances but not others inconsistencies arise and so does the lack of trust in your customer service – and your brand. Amplifying Customer Service through Knowledge Management livepro is a multichannel CX knowledge management system with a mission to be the easiest to use easiest to manage and easiest to deal with. livepro headquartered in Sydney Australia is passionate about improving customer service through effective knowledge management – this means having the same information available no matter where it’s accessed from. With clients from various leading organizations ranging from local government through to transport and finance - livepro helps customer experience departments to optimize their customer satisfaction reduce operating costs and foster employee engagement. livepro partner with many industry experts in order to ensure that they are always the top of their game and are ahead of the curve when it comes to changes in the market. Some of their partners include Datacom Genesys Customer Driven Auscontact Association Probe Group QPC Customer Science Knowledge Space and National Local Government Customer Service Network Inc. Currently livepro are focusing on integrating with leading customer communication apps in order to deliver the C ustomers expect a lot these days from companies that they choose to do business with. With more competition in the market than ever before a 24- hour news cycle and devices glued to the palms of almost every adult and many children it’s no wonder that not only the demand for great customer service is so high but the demand for the avenues that this customer service can be accessed from has also increased. Brand loyalty is at an all time low millennials are responsible for the near extinction of fabric softener manufacturers and the globalization of the consumer marketplace means that fantastic customer service is more important now more than ever before. This is why the Customer Experience Management CXM sector is currently in the spotlight. One of the key elements to customer retention and satisfaction is to resolve issues quickly and consistently. Now that information is available everywhere from over the phone to online face to face at a counter and even at bus stops – it’s vital in this ‘information age’ to have a single source of truth – the one all knowing bible of constantly up-to- date facts that customer service professionals and tech- The Single Source Of Truth Taking Customer Experience Management To The Next Level Brad Shaw | CEO 30

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clients are live in as little as 3 weeks and agents are able to use the system with little to no training as Suncorp bank discovered “The staff were using livepro as soon as they got to their desk” livepro work alongside each and every client from day one to create and optimize knowledge that better serves customers and makes employees jobs easier. livepro customer and the multi award winning customer service department at Townsville City Council stated that “The time that it takes our staff to be job ready has been dramatically reduced”. Enhancing Businesses by Simplifying Customer Interactions Customers just want accurate reliable answers. A simple idea that livepro has worked hard to ensure their clients can achieve. livepro’s easy and intuitive features like Work Instructions walk staff through processes to ensure compliance and complex enquiries are reduced to a few simple yet smart questions with the Compass tool. The hard work has been taken out of customer service and makes instant experts of all agents. Top Benefits of livepro Include: § Happy Customers: Speedy consistent and accurate answers available in many avenues mean more satisfied customers. § Reduced Costs: The highly simplified processes result in error eliminations reduced handling times transfers and training while the diversity of where answers are available reduces call volume. § Confident Team: A reliable system that is always up to date means that staff can confidently respond to any customer query. answers direct to customers through every channel that customers use. This includes websites web-chat chatbots Google Home and Alexa. As livepro endeavor to connect with innovative technologies they have fully integrated their solution with global industry heavyweight Genesys’ PureCloud solution. Genesys PureCloud is a suite of cloud services for enterprise-grade communications collaboration and contact center management. The Person Behind livepro Brad Shaw the CEO of livepro believes that the employees and customers of a business are key to creating a leading product. Spending his time outside livepro coaching other CEOs and having run an effective Women in Leadership group for many years Brad has a natural talent for people and leadership. Having Brad set the direction and strategies for livepro while maintaining livepro’s customer- centric culture he strives to build an excellent team to deliver unparalleled service to customers “one thing that livepro does is really listen to our customer. If they’re asking for a new feature and it will help answer customers faster – we simply build it. Most recently we had clients asking for a platform where they could communicate with one another so we built ’livepro Communities’ an online forum for tips and tricks. We’ve always known that our clients are one of our greatest resources so seeing them share ideas has been fantastic.” An Extraordinary Array of Solutions livepro is a purpose built CX knowledge management system designed to deliver consistent accurate answers – not pages of information. With a powerful search function and an intuitive design livepro does the hard work and simply allows customer experience professionals to give customers easy answers or customers the ability to find their own answers through channels like web-chat and the search bar on any website. One of their most recent solutions ‘livepro Resolve’ promises to change the way customers interact with companies online. Often customers that try to find answers online end up calling or emailing at a later date as their enquiry wasn’t able to be solved. livepro Resolve ensures customers enquires are resolved in one touch no matter how complex. A Fast and Easy Company to Deal with As livepro live and breathe their ’easy to use manage and deal with’ motto the implementation process is smooth ” “ livepro is designed to take you straight to the answer not just a document. C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE 31

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expectations and thus increase customer satisfaction loyalty and advocacy.” Filling the Voids in the CEM Market While companies use call centers websites and staff for customer service delivering cost efficient text based support at scale has not been available until now. According to Chuck since everyone has a phone and can text everyone is reachable wherever they are. And since 98 of texts are read most in under five seconds messages are read and reacted to quickly. By combining the texting channel with powerful AI and identity based responses Sciensio’s AI Chatbots provide the specific information the customer needs instantly. Sciensio’s conversation design and natural language AI means that customers simply text in the same way they would text a friend for advice or support. The bot responds immediately with a natural and intuitive experience that customers enjoy using. Sciensio’s award winning AI Chatbots consistently deliver a greater than 95 Correct Response Rate to customer questions. Any questions the bot does not understand can be quickly transferred to another support channel so customer support reps only work on the most complex and highest value customer needs. CEO Combining Strategy with Flawless Execution for Sciensio Prior to Co-founding Sciensio Chuck was a senior executive with several blue-chip companies and startups in the U.S. and D edicated to a mission to create and deploy Artificial Intelligent AI Chatbots to solve customer jobs to be done is a leading company in the Sciensio Customer Experience Management CEM sector. It has developed AI Chatbots that deliver deep and engaging customer conversations on multiple channels such as SMS Web Messenger Facebook Twitter and more to enable users to ask a question and get an answer in seconds. To gain more insights about Sciensio’s Chatbot capabilities we asked their Co-founder and CEO Chuck Elias about their strategy for customer retention. He said that the most important factor in satisfying customers is to understand their specific jobs to be done. Chuck explained that companies today have enormous amounts of customer data but often struggle to ask a basic question: what job is the customer hiring my product to do and does my product do it better than anything else According to Chuck by focusing on this simple question companies can begin the journey toward exceptional CEM which Gartner defines as “The practice of designing and reacting to customer interactions to meet or exceed customer Chuck Elias | Co-founder CEO Refining Customer Service With AI-based Chatbot Products And Services 32

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high iteration and continuous learning delivers higher and deeper customer engagement and ultimately higher ROI for our clients. Targeting New Industries with Rapid Chatbot Improvements Sciensio’s AI Chatbot platform enables it to build high engagement Chatbots for virtually any industry. Recognized by Google as one of only five recommended AI Chatbot providers Sciensio uses leading edge technologies to provide a natural and engaging customer support experience. “The Early Days of AI Chat” says the CEO of Sciensio As a business problem solver and technologist Chuck recognized early on the power of text based AI conversations to revolutionize customer service. He states: “when the web first arrived we struggled to figure out how companies and customers wanted to use the channel for customer support. Today every business has a website and soon every business will have an AI Chatbot answering their customer questions.” When asked about what advice he would give to those looking to enter the AI Chatbots space Chuck stated “Focus intently on the customer create a natural conversation that they want to engage in and solve their ‘job to be done’ better than any other tool… and you can win.” in China. He has led business turnaround and growth in some of the most complex business environments. Chuck believes passionately in developing talent and creating a culture of rapid iteration and improvement. He says it’s not necessarily the big wins that are most important but rather the constant and relentless daily focus on removing friction internally and throughout the customer experience. As the CEO of Sciensio Chuck focuses on the overall business strategy the product roadmap and attracting and developing talent across all areas of the company. “It starts with having a ‘good enough’ business strategy and addressable market and then attracting and developing great talent who can deliver short-term results while also building the long-term capabilities needed for success.” Wide Range of Customer Service AI Chatbots by Sciensio Sciensio’s AI Chatbots are used in a wide range of industries including healthcare professional and collegiate sports and trade shows. Having won more than a dozen industry awards Sciensio’s EventBots line of products are the talk of the Events Industry. These AI Chatbots are specifically designed to address the needs of event participants and producers. Event participants simply ask a question and get an answer about the event over any texting channel. This anytime anywhere access to information typically with 3 second response is revolutionizing event communication with instant answers to such questions as “Where do I park What’s the agenda and “What should I wear” Event producers get a powerful new channel to reach their event participants along with a complete written record of every need and reduced support costs. Sciensio’s most successful clients view AI Chatbots not as a technology but as a valuable team member. But unlike humans EventBots answer exactly the way you want every time never get tired sick or bored and can handle thousands of disparate questions simultaneously. They are also continually learning and getting smarter over time so event staff only have to deal with the most complex participant needs. Developing Streamlined Strategies to Enrich Customer Experience Sciensio’s relentless focus on removing friction has enabled it reduce the time to create and deploy an AI Chatbot from months -- to weeks days and even minutes. Their custom AI Chatbots can typically be deployed in just few weeks and are fully operational and answering millions of questions within six weeks. Their self-service AI Chatbots can be deployed by the end customer in less than twenty minutes. Rapid deployment ” “ C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 AI Chatbots are a powerful new channel to engage and interact with customers anywhere anytime on whatever device they choose without the need to learn a new app or website. THE 33

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Rapid Growth of elecom on the ndustry CEM 34 Spotlight

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he waves of digital disruption have enriched T customers and the world of marketing has changed drastically in the last two decades. Previously customer relations were constructed on a brands terms and the communication media which were limited to emails calls voicemails etc. The business model has all changed because of the growing demand of customers for engaging rich and endless experience. Therefore the brands are creating their strategies with customer-centric approach. Moreover digitalization and data analytics are enabling marketing professionals and organizations to make maximum benefits from these developments. Similarly the evolution of social media technologies and several other digital innovations has changed the customer behaviour. Nowadays customers expect personalized interactions as per their convenience. The role of customer in overall success of a product is dramatically changed making organizations more focused about Customer Experience Management CEM. The changing business strategies Earlier concentration of companies was on service quality product quality but digitalization has changed the whole picture. CEM in simple words enables organization to know about its customers but contrariwise it allows an organization to comprehend what customer knows about the organization. Moreover it helps the organization in forming business strategies future planning and leverage opportunities. The changing set of practice technologies and business values that empower the organization are greatly dependent on CEM which helps companies to offer and enhance superior customer experience. Today CEM in businesses requires a profound commitment to understanding and serving customer needs and expectations. Digitalization in Telecom Telecom industry with involvement of advanced technologies has grown tremendously. Earlier the line operator always had their voice network to run but now they are managing broadband TV mobile and data services with associated hardware like set top boxes and smartphones. With emergence of new channels and devices customers are demanding easy access to broader range support options high levels of customer service and reasonable prices. The telecom industry can offer better customer experience by being excited to engage the customer and understand what they like and dont like. Additionally it is important to understand the little things about the role of CEM in telecom that can make the difference. Tremendous competition making CEM a key growth driver Currently the organizations in telecom industry are facing more competition and the importance of telecom has grown immensely elevating the significance of the customer service delivered by operator. The digitalization has resulted in increase in customer churn and as a result telecom operators are financing more on retaining and maintaining customers. When customers are considered consumer satisfaction and loyalty is affected not only by pricing but also by the quality of customer service and overall experience from customers initiative up to the after sales. It has become more important for telecom companies to provide its customer with consistent experience through various touch points and communication channels in order to distinguish themselves. Further it is vital to put right people right process and right technologies at right place to provide grounds for delivering consistent experience to the customers. Factors augmenting customer satisfaction The companies must focus on certain domains such as customer fulfilment to ensure accurate delivery of service. The telecom operator must give priorities to customer needs by combining and analysing customer data service request service parameters network capacity inventory billing support obtainability exceptional management and then mapping them to monitoring restraints. The operator must provide service assurance according to the customer expectations in order to keep the consumption high and cost support low. With increasing expectations customers want text voice data hosted services applications payment mechanism etc. The number of channels for customer interactions are also growing and making it difficult for operators to get unified view of the customer across channels and develop a decisive understanding of the customer. In addition billing and revenue also have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction. Better CEM for better customer satisfaction The telecom companies earlier had product-centric approach but today the customer satisfaction is significant to divide target customers and the customer base along with lifecycle of customer that identifies their needs and desires. The company should build a single plan of digital experience so that the customer can interact easily. Moreover there are several customer management platforms that help companies to focus on customer experience. 35 C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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1 Customer Experience Management Platforms CEM platforms use data and analytics to identify the customer needs even before customer begins to provide information. In the process data is collected from customers to create a cohesive view of the activities and use it to dedicatedly reach out to customers. The process moreover reduces support struggles time and cost and eventually enhances customer experience. The CEM system technology helps in managing company’s interactions with the customers and works with all customer-facing touch points comprising of organizing automating and synchronizing so that the company can serve the customers and reply speedily to issues. It stores all customers’ updated information in one place making it easy to share with different teams within an organization. 2 Order Provisioning Platforms These platforms provide end-to-end order management and service provisioning. They offer real-time dashboards that give complete visibility into every internal and external process which influence customer management. Furthermore to keep customer management on track business rules are rooted in the platform to trigger reminders and alarms. The design of the platform offers the facility to look at the revenue opportunities during the fulfilment cycle which eventually assists the operator to build capacities inventories and abilities to meet estimated demand. 3 Telecom Analytics The telecom analytics brings together the data from across the enterprise related procurement operations post sales financials and customers to provide business insights. Telecom analytics provide insights on mapping operations finance network and customer data to take business decisions to hold the right customers. In addition it assists in focusing on strategies actions products and services that help in increasing profits and increase customer retention through customer experience enrichment. Actions to Attract New Customers Some activities that telecom companies should use to attract new customers and retain existing ones consist of: 1 Move towards a customer-based focus: Telecom companies are trying to merge various platforms to get the complete view of the customers’ needs and deliver better customer service. 2 Invest in first-contact resolution FCR: Customers want their problems get resolved immediately. Therefore telecom companies are working towards offering first-contact resolutions. It’s a type of measurement that helps service providers to track the effectiveness of their services and processes. More importantly it’s a great way to keep focused on the customer experience since customers like fast resolutions to their problems. Fast resolutions don’t mean closing the complaint—customer satisfaction after resolution matters a lot. Therefore a proper infrastructure will be needed to find how FCR can be achieved effectively. 3 Focus on anomnichannel experience: Costumer converses with brands over numerous channels and companies are connecting these different touchpoints to provide constant experience. Moreover the telecom companies are also adopting newer technologies like unified communication platform and the cloud to reach maximum customers. 4 Provide proactive warnings and information: Telecom companies have started providing alerts and warnings when customer is about to finish the service. This is helping customers to renew their services. Advancement in technologies and emergence of powerful tools focused on improving customer experience are making it easier for the telecom companies to rapidly grow their business. For organizations to be successful it is important to keep customer experience as the main motto. The use of modern technologies will help in growth of both customer and the organizations. CEM is one of the best ways for organizations to shift focus on “customers” considering consumer-oriented market where customers have more power than ever before. It will greatly help telecom companies to address customer issues which largely impact the customer retention. 36 Spotlight

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of Mumbai is empowering brands to improve their customer experience and revenue. Delivering Enriched Customer Experience for Various Businesses RedQuanta has the human capital and innovation to deal with the complex nature of various enterprises. It has more than 240 customers over 2000 locations across India North America Middle East Australia Far East. The leading CEM solutions providing company operates in vertical markets such as automobile consumer electronics retail banking and financial services hospitality consumer goods investors new age technology e- commerce and consulting. Furthermore it produces designs and conducts various custom research programs for its customers. Alongside utilizing standardized research analytics consulting and global execution capabilities like mystery shopping it also proceeds toward the new age solutions which are greatly driven by machine learning NLP and advanced analytics. Hence the reason behind RedQuanta’s striking success is the mixture of time tested procedures and innovative technologies. RedQuanta’s Vital Philosophies The CEO and Founder Pankaj Guglani instituted RedQuanta based on the ethos of helping clients identify their target groups profile them to understand what they expect from these brands in terms of experience and then checking the delivery of such aspects at the last mile. Prior T oday a customer’s relationship with a product or service doesn’t end after its purchase instead a whole new experience unlocks for the customers. Presently customer experience management CEM is a top-most priority for corporations to track oversee and organize every interaction between a customer and the organization throughout the customer lifecycle. The main objective of CEM is to optimize interactions from the customer’s perspective and as a result expand the customer reliability. Since numerous organizations are selling their products and services at the same time the global market propagates competition based on their customer services. A huge challenge is faced by enterprises in understanding the unique customer requirements insights and feedback. Furthermore it also includes factors like consistent customer engagement marketing across multiple platforms or devices and lack of advanced tools and technologies. Therefore to identify the key levers of customer experience global customer experience management company based out RedQuanta Transforming Customer Experience Through Its Outside–In Winning Approach Pankaj Guglani | CEO Founder 38

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The leading CEM solution provider does this by helping its clients to design mechanisms to identify their aimed crowd. Next to outlining the targeted crowd is to understand what they anticipate from these brands in terms of their experience. And lastly to monitor the delivery of overall aspects till the end. The key tactic used by the company is to focus on their customers’ evolving needs. Whether to expand their portfolio of services or to expand their company in the global market RedQuanta’s business related decisions depends and revolves around the increasing needs of its patrons. Future Strategies and Plans For the future growth of the organization RedQuanta has united with various brands like Audi Hyundai Google Microsoft Xiaomi HSBC bank Unilever Indian Railways etc. Besides this it is one of the members of Mystery Shopping Professionals Association MSPA. To remain a market leader in the CEM space Pankaj adopted a key technique to stay agile and focused on the emerging needs of his clients. Soon after its implementation the company’s growth increased 3X times and enabled it to partner with several Fortune 20 companies across the globe. This year one of RedQuanta’s key objectives is to develop smarter machine learning system and cutting-edge analytics platform. to RedQuanta Pankaj worked in Zapak Digital Entertainment Limited as a business head. While working there his key accountabilities were to achieve the income targets provide information which helps to identify and analyze the needs of the market as well as seek the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics to top management and improve CEM. Today as the CEO of RedQuanta Pankaj focuses all his vitalities towards the company’s development and individual procedures. During these past years he has come to believe that the soul of the company its culture cannot be replicated again. Therefore Pankaj and his fellow management team have executed a new technique to aid RedQuanta’s culture called as RACE. RACE stands for Research with scale speed and accuracy Analytics to impact all business functions Consulting capabilities to match challenges and Enabling execution at ground level. Apart from this building and maintaining a healthy and balanced culture firmly knit by the fundamental beliefs is what sets RedQuanta apart from its market competitors. This also happens to be the dynamic CEO’s most enjoyable part of the job. RedQuanta’s Values and Mission RedQuanta’s core values are influenced by their patrons and their necessities over everything else. Additionally staying translucent with all their key shareholders including clients respondent bases and teams is also very important to the company. Most importantly teamwork is a significant pillar for RedQuanta’s value system. This is not just limited to their teams but is also pertinent to their clients and respondent bases. Likewise the company also believes in recognition i.e. the efforts made by RedQuanta’s employees as well as crucial and brave actions taken by them which is very essential for the organization. Therefore RedQuanta’s mission is to always support their partners and develop a distinguished memorable and long-lasting customer experience. Along with their partners they are also building substantial upgrades in the overall client experience across various businesses. Eliminating Communication Gaps between Brands and Customers Since RedQuanta’s launch its main objective has been to help its clients by identifying the key levers of customer experience and mapping these aspects towards brand trends. ” “ C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE At RedQuanta we enable businesses to truly listen to customer experiences outside and make transformational changes inside. 39

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R esearchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT have designed a ‘rectenna’ and conducted the first real application of atomically thin semiconductors for a flexible rectenna for energy harvesting. A device made from inexpensive materials and is fully flexible and battery free. Most importantly rectenna will convert Wi-Fi signals into electricity which could be used to power large area of electronics like medical devices and sensors for the internet of things. What is rectenna The device that converts Alternating Current AC electromagnetic waves into Direct Current DC is known as rectenna. It is combination of antenna and rectifier. The researchers demonstrated a new rectenna that uses a flexible radio-frequency RF antenna which catches electromagnetic waves including those carrying Wi-Fi as AC waveforms. Instead of diode to rectify that current to DC antenna is connected to a device made up of two dimensional semiconductors which are only a few atoms thick. Thus the AC signal from antenna travels into the semiconductor which converts it into dc voltage. This voltage could be used to power wearables sensors various electronics or medical devices. Tomás Palacios a professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and director of the MIT/MTL Center for Graphene Devices and 2D Systems in the Microsystems Technology Laboratories also co-author of the paper said “What if we could develop electronic systems that we wrap around a bridge or cover an entire highway or the walls of our office and bring electronic intelligence to everything around us How do you provide energy for those electronics We have come up with a new way to power the electronics systems of the future—by harvesting Wi-Fi energy in a way that’s easily integrated in large areas—to bring intelligence to every object around us.” Unique inexpensive Rectenna made up of 2D material In conventional rectennas silicon or gallium arsenide is used for the rectification. These materials can cover the Wi- Fi band but are rigid and if considered to use it over a large area such as the surfaces of buildings and walls would be much expensive. These new rectennas are made up of a 2D material known as molybdenum disulfide MoS2 which at three atoms thick is one of the thinnest semiconductors. The team carried out certain experiments and found that when signals This flexible device will convert into electricity using 2D materials W -F Tech Corner 40

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exposed to certain chemicals the material’s atoms rearrange in a way that acts like a switch. These forces a phase transition from semiconductor to metallic material. The junction of a semiconductor with metal is known as Schottky diode. The team engineered MoS2 into a 2-D semiconductor metallic phase junction and built an atomically thin and ultrafast Schottky diode that could simultaneously minimize the series resistance and parasitic capacitance. Reduction in the parasitic capacitance is one of the fascinating properties of MoS2. Simply Reduction is the tendency of materials in electric circuit to act like capacitors and store a certain amount of charge. This slows down the circuit. MoS2 provides lower capacitance hence increase rectifier speed and higher operating frequencies. The parasitic capacitance of this Schottky diode is so small and thus is much faster at signal conversion and can capture and convert signal upto 10 GHz including the range of typical Wi-Fi devices. This kind of design has allowed a fully flexible device that is fast enough to cover the most of the radio-frequency bands used by daily electronics including Wi-Fi Bluetooth cellular LTE and many others. This way a battery free device inertly captures and transforms omnipresent Wi-Fi signals into DC power. Potential applications While performing an experiment the researchers’ device produced about 40 microwatts of power when it was exposed to the typical power levels of Wi-Fi signals around 150 microwatts. This is more than enough power to light up a simple mobile display or light up a LED or silicon chips. Use in implantable medical devices Another possible application of the technology is powering data communication of implantable medical devices. For instance researchers are about to develop pills that can be swallowed by patients and stream health data back to a computer for diagnostics. Moreover Jesús Grajal the researcher at the Technical University of Madrid and co- author said that the tradition batteries used to power systems could leak lithium and patient could die. So it is much better to produce energy from the environment to power up the small labs inside the body and communicate data to external computers. Teamwork makes it happen This research was made possible by the association with the Technical University of Madrid through the MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives MISTI. It was moderately supported by the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies the National Science Foundation’s Center for Integrated Quantum Materials the Air Force Office of Scientific Research and the Army Research Laboratory. There are co-authors from MIT the Army Research Laboratory Technical University of Madrid the University of Southern California Charles III University of Madrid and Boston University. Conclusion At typical Wi-Fi power level MoS2 rectifier’s power efficiency is about 30 percent while traditional rectennas like costly silicon and gallium arsenide can achieve around 50 to 60 percent. Depending upon the power of Wi-Fi input the maximum output efficiency of MoS2 rectifiers stands at 40 percent. The team’s next motto is to improve the efficiency and build more complex systems. Current disadvantages will be compensated by the other benefits of the new design including its flexibility and scalability. Further the inventions promises to power electronics system of the future by producing Wi-Fi energy in much easier ways and that could be integrated in large areas to bring intelligence to every object. Journal Reference: Ÿ Xu Zhang Jesús Grajal Jose Luis Vazquez-Roy Ujwal Radhakrishna Xiaoxue Wang Winston Chern Lin Zhou Yuxuan Lin Pin-Chun Shen Xiang Ji Xi Ling Ahmad Zubair Yuhao Zhang Han Wang Madan Dubey Jing Kong Mildred Dresselhaus and Tomás Palacios. Two- dimensional MoS2-enabled flexible rectenna for Wi-Fi- band wireless energy harvesting. Nature 2019 DOI: 10.1038/s41586-019-0892-1 41 C E M Most Rewarding Solution Providers To Go For In 2019 THE

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