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The New Era Of Technology By Apple Inc.:

The New Era Of Technology By Apple Inc.

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With the advent of the Apple iPad has finally opened a new era of Technology that will lead very quickly to a widespread problem of "tablet“. There are many interesting features that make this type of tool than a traditional laptop: easy use through the touchscreen technology, speed of Processor, easy handling, the small footprint, low weight and not least the duration of the batteries.

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But not enough for the iPAD is a wide availability of the applications of all kinds, whose average cost is extremely small compared to the Windows PC world in line with Apple's policy had been underway for years with the iPhone. There are many applications that are interesting, we find the speech, the management concept maps, voice recorder from the word processor with spell checker, dictionary of the Italian translator to the multilingual scientific calculator with a perfect ending to say nothing of the eBook (electronic book ) read with speech as standard!.

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Apple, for many years, has only confirmed by the further development of the world mobile market their device more known to the world as iPhone . The newest model currently present on the International Market, is the iPhone 4S. The iPhone has changed the way we live and communicate, considering that today, thanks to an Internet connection and two iPhones can do different activities, here the most important of these: Video calling, Multimedia File Exchange, Messaging Online and Find on a map the other device. With all these activites today to be informed and stay informed of events happening in the world in real time do not more not most a problem. As a last innovation of this device are the creation and opening of the App Store, where you can download billions of applications of all kinds.

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For many years Apple has also designed and marketed many personal computers or laptops commonly called Macintosh. A Macintosh is a personal computer very powerful and well-designed, dedicated to a specific user type because it is not very advanced and simple to use. This device also has brought great innovation in today's world due to its potential unique offerings to end user in any aspect, to list the case with most big advantage of this you can take into consideration the Macbook or the portable version of the Macintosh that thanks to a powerful hardware and software developed specifically for this, is able to provide at user a Personal Computer most complete and efficient looking.

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In conclusion one might say that Apple has innovated and changed the way we live and interact in the social life of every person, many see it as a status symbol or a Status of life but it is wrong to see it and think this way because as shown in this presentation you can see where Apple is going to change, innovate and improve, where no other company in the world and managed to get there.

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