Fast Phrases - list 7

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help me out:

help me out

who is he:

who is he

even before we go:

even before we go

but come again:

but come again

too good to be:

too good to be

its part is used:

its part is used

our right:

our right

a day was good:

a day was good

as which man:

as which man

write the words:

write the words

around here also:

around here also

after three years:

after three years

more than him:

more than him

about this long:

about this long

look up at him:

look up at him

where did he put it:

where did he put it

how did you know:

how did you know

by the place:

by the place

different for me:

different for me

why did you:

why did you

at the water:

at the water

just for the day:

just for the day

which was right:

which was right

do my part:

do my part

I can take it:

I can take it

through them:

through them

through the day:

through the day

these were made:

these were made

get it here:

get it here

where did they:

where did they

I would like:

I would like

they went into:

they went into

she said that:

she said that

write the word:

write the word

they just said:

they just said

but she said:

but she said

she said that:

she said that

around here:

around here

all of them see:

all of them see

I can see some:

I can see some

too little:

too little

for them here:

for them here

over the things:

over the things

most was his:

most was his

you may use some:

you may use some

he could be here:

he could be here

that for you:

that for you

my new things:

my new things

he used the back:

he used the back

come back now:

come back now

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