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By: sushinoms (108 month(s) ago)

Are these knives really all that good? I keep seeing the infomercials on my TV and they always spark my curiosity but at the same time it all sounds too good to be true. Nobody I know has a pair of these so I haven't been able to ask anyone. Thank you for posting this page though; it provided a lot of information that I needed.

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Miracle Blade | The Professional Knife Set That Never Dulls If you are looking to buy the Miracle Blade knife set then you need to read this article to see how you can maximize your investment and get a HUGE “bang for your buck”. Buy the Miracle Blade online and receive an awesome FREE bonus that will further enhance your kichenware.

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The Miracle Blade knife set has gained mass appeal and continues to reach new heights within the cooking world due to its unmatched ability to effortlessly slice through anything without dulling. This amazing knife set is so powerful that even top chefs like Tony and Scott Leibfried from Hell's Kitchen have relied on their unparalleled cutting potential to create their masterpieces within the kitchen. With endorsements such as these it is no wonder that the Miracle Blade has become the number one trusted and best selling knives on TV world wide.

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As the holidays draw near the Miracle Blade knife set is a welcome sight. These knives will significantly reduce prep time within the kitchen by enabling you to quickly chop, cut, slice and dice with extreme ease. Many cooking professionals herald the miracle blade as the best knives within the world but most people do not realize that this amazing knife set contains a comprehensive collection of knives that enable you to undertake any cutting endeavor within the kitchen. The Miracle Blade Knife set is accompanied with: 2 Slicers 1 Carving Knife 1 Rock & Chef 1 Chop & Scoop 1 Filet Knife 1 Cheese Knife 4 Steak Knives 1 Paring Knife 1 Pair of Kitchen Shears

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This 13 piece knife set is amazing in its own merit- especially when you take advantage of the promotional online offer of $39.95. This exclusive online offer enables you to get the Miracle Blade for a fraction of the price and also includes another exclusive deal you will not be able to find in stores. When you buy the Miracle Blade knife set online you will also receive a FREE 20 piece flatware set that is valued at $40. In other words, the value of the complete Miracle Blade set and the accompanying bonus gift is $340 and you are able to get it through the exclusive online promotion for under $40.

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The best part of this Miracle Blade deal is that the offer is accompanied with the 30 day risk free trial period. If for any reason, you fail to join the thousands of satisfied Miracle Blade owners you can enjoy the "no questions asked" refund, and keep the second Miracle Blade Pro Slicer as a free gift from Chef Tony. Of course, the iron clad refund policy is in addition to the lifetime "no dulling" waranty. If the knife set dulls for any reason(even that of your own fault) you can send it back and get a free replacement. Choose to test-drive the Miracle Blade today and ensure that your meals are surrounded with convenience and ease.

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