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MY Long-lasting EDP Perfume Perfume is generally a fragrance liquid especially designed to flourish pleasant smell to your body or the cloth. Everyone today uses perfume in order to control their sweat or body odour besides flourishing the pleasant scent of the perfume making his attention all the day long . These are made using essential oils different types of flowers and natural resources. Well its fact that there are large varieties of fragrances of perfumes and there is even a respectable position of scents where the uniqueness of scent gets rolling into the news and web frequently. People have a strong motto of getting recognised use perfumes. Well the fragrance of perfumes is three types. If you went to purchase a perfume you can find whether it is EDT EDP EDC by looking at the instructions mentioned on the bottle. Well you would be little confused as soon as I mentioned those. Basically the best perfume is always that which has a large percentage of essential perfume oils and less percentage of alcohol in them.

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The best composition of ingredients mixed with essentials gives you the last lasting fragrance. EDTEau de toilette Long Board EDP Eau deparfum EDCEau de cologne are few types among the scents. EAU is basically termed when a small proportion of oil is added to alcohol. Parfum is the most concentrate perfume 15-20 perfume oil you can buy. EDP constitutes only up to 8-15 of perfume oils which is very cost effective and also lasts long up to 4-6 hours.But this is not a form of pure perfume.

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