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Mind Gym Hone Your Skills

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Vision To create a supportive education methodology to illuminate all to be the master of their destiny, through Laws of Nature and ancient Indian wisdom, harmonizing everyone with their true selves and with the humanity. Mission Providing exclusively and individually designed trainings and tools on a common platform to facilitate skill enhancement and utilization of the true potential in every individual so as to leave a legacy behind. Commitment To make the vision a reality with a mission to provide a common platform, Mind Gym is committed to make lives meaningful for all Indians, through its various branches and arms by 2020.

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About the Organization Mind Gym is a modern mind set organization incorporating Indian ethos to lead a life with a purpose. Mind Gym is working for the enrichment of fertile minds and developing a strong force of mind-workers for the future. Mind Gym aims at developing and utilizing each and every individual’s potential lying dormant at the innermost corner of the mind, focusing to harness this hidden strength and make it an asset. It also encourages individuals to believe in themselves truly. Mind Gym believes in The Indian Ethos, that is, “Everything under the Sun has an immense potential to grow”.

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Mind Gymnasts at Mind Gym are busy head over heels to explore the lost and forgotten skills taught in ancient India and bring them to surface. Mind Gym is the only organization of its kind in India, focusing on all aspects of Human life, that is, Physical, Intellectual, Mental, and Spiritual. Mind Gym specializes in conducting various levels of trainings and counseling programs facilitating individuals and groups to succeed in life. Mind Gym wishes success to students, parents, institutions and corporate organizations, aiming to make the country a most remarkable one as it once used to be. Mind Gym’s modus operandi incorporates Growth. Mind gym’s arms and wings revolve around growth. Mind Gym’s Growth Club provides an excellent learning ground to explore and master buried skills to achieve the desired growth.

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History Suneel Khanna founder of Mind Gym, better known as the Master Mindgymnast, , started individual and group counseling for students and parents all over India . 1st February 1982 was the day, when he started his first venture, known as Institute of Foreign Languages in Indore. IFL started with series of short duration workshops for students especially on How to Face Interviews and 40 Sessions to master English). Started “The Trainers” in 1992, focusing on highly result-oriented developmental programs to get the desired success in life with the team of professionals and conducted various training modules all over India .

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It was a sunny morning, on 1st February 2001, when the whole team of The Trainers got together to brainstorm the expansion of their beloved organization. As we believed that everything under the sun has got immense potential to grow beyond imagination, we got a result to focus on GROWTH through sharpening all desired skills to be successful. Thus, Mind Gym evolved, with its theme- Hone your Skills, incorporating Indian Ethos in Life and all fell in love with it instantly. Mind Gym is proud to have many first-ever programs for students, parents, schools, institutions and corporate organizations, to bring about the best in people through a perfect blend of modern technologies and ancient wisdom from India covering spiritual aspects of life .

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About Founder Suneel Khanna is a Wellness and lifestyle Coach and leading Mind Gym, running courses for individuals, groups, schools and organizations. Throughout his career he has been a pioneering force in Self Help Movements, Leadership Skills Development, initiating and running many innovative and successful programs all over India He has been associated with Theosophical Society for more than 27 years and been studying religions and is in love with all of them, with special bend towards Patanjali Yog Sutras, Shrimadbhawat Geeta, Ramayan, , Swami Vivekanand, Bible, Quran, Osho, and Teachings of all great Teachers from all over the planet. He has developed his own blend of creative behavioral techniques based on ancient Indian Ethos which have proved highly successful in helping people to improve their self confidence and break their negative traits. He believes in following your dreams and creating the life you ever dreamt. He is a voracious Reader, Speaker, Writer, Facilitator, Anchor as well as a Hypnosis and Mind Conditioning Trainer.

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About CEO Vijaya, graduate in science and law and a multitalented artist, has many diplomas including Astrology, Reiki, Acupressure, Wellness etc. to her credit. Having a thinker’s brain, highly admired leadership skills and a zest to help everybody with her knowledge and High philosophy, she took over as the CEO of Mind Gym after taking voluntary retirement from her 28 years old job in BSNL. She feels strongly for the betterment of the community and has taken initiatives to help people towards betterment and also works towards empowerment of women through Health and Wellness education programs . She is highly sensitive towards nature and helping all live with perfect health and harmony. She is now guiding the Growth Brigade of Mind Gym and is committed to expand Mind gym all over the Globe.

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Growth wings Growth wings are the various sections focusing towards growth and development for all with the help of the growth brigade. Some of our wings and arms are: Growth Club Growth Centers Growth Tools Growth Publication Growth Events Growth Astro Growth Health & Wellness

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Mind Gym’s focus We focus on growth in the areas of physical fitness, mental alertness, social adaptability and financial abundance through various Growth Wings and applying the laws of nature for- Students Growth Camps Individual counseling Group Counseling Subject / Language Coaching Parents Would be Parents Young Parents Senior Parents Single Parents Schools/Institutions Growth Camps Teacher’s counseling School consulting Designing Dynamics Corporate Institutions Growth Camps In-house Training Corporate Structuring with Indian Ethos in management High-end placements with trainings

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Students GROWTH CAMPS Students are the lifeline of the human race; they are the ‘next’ generation. There is no part of the civilized society that needs the right guidance more than the students. To groom students with an aim at creating an ideal society, Mind Gym organizes various ‘growth camps’ intended to provide the student with as much guidance possible on all possible aspects of the student life. Some of the programs are: Two-day residential program on study skills for the students appearing for competitive examinations, known as S4e Two- day residential program to overcome examination fear One-day seminar on falling in love with studies Two-day residential program on designing destiny Two-day residential program for fighting fears One-day workshop on facing interviews One-day workshop on Concentration skills One-day workshop on understanding parents One-day workshop on Memory mnemonics One-day workshop on creating creative consciousness One-day workshop on making laws of nature work for you

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INDIVIDUAL COUNSELING Since time immortal, Indians’ core strength was making individuals aware of their strengths through great mentors, coaches, gurus and counselors by conducting individual sessions for everyone- right from very young students to very senior members of the society. Mind Gym adopted ancient teachings explained in Indian scriptures and brought them to surface, thus helping people in distress. Through individual counseling sessions, a few of the problem areas which are smoothly taken care of by the counselors (Mind Gymnasts) are like- Lack of concentration Weak memory Hatred towards certain subject(s) Coordinating between school, home and other activities Not being able to find the areas of interest for career

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GROUP COUNSELING Indian philosophies have attributed learning capability enhancements through group dynamics. Here, the group of dedicated mentors and coaches with Mind Gym are expertly counseling students in groups via the group dynamics theories to get to the solutions of their personal, social, educational and financial problems. For dedicated students, Mind Gym organizes structured group counseling sessions, which are passionately called as “Sunday School”. The Sunday school concept has proved highly effective as it is away from the usual study patterns found in educational institutions, and creates a heart-felt interest in the counselees.

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SUBJECT/LANGUAGE COACHING Though today’s education system through nicely structured teaching patterns is surely providing excellent informative education to all, it does not seem enough to inculcate basic interest into most of the subjects taught in schools. Practically, it is seen all over India that about 93% students cannot relate themselves to the subjects formally taught. Most of the corporate giants today have come up with latest teaching methodologies to groom future executives. It is seen that most of the students fail to express themselves through tongue or pen. Mind Gym provides solutions to the basic problem being faced all over India by providing down-to-earth practical approaches to understand and to create interest in basic subjects being taught in schools and colleges all over India. Some of the proven streamlined coaching is available at Mind Gym in the areas like languages, science, humanities, astronomy, life skills etc.

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Parents PARENTING Indian mythology focuses on family as the most important unit and parents as the most important part of the family. Indian system had taught would-be parents about understanding all possible aspects of parenting to become a gifted parent. This education usually was imparted by the senior member of the family and society by giving insights about child psychology, creating healthy communication channels in the family and enlisting all possible practical approaches to make responsible and successful citizens. Today the size of the family is shrinking to a small unit, and today’s parents are deprived of the solutions which were available earlier. The Master Mind Gymnast had been counseling and mentoring parents in the area of harmonizing families, parenthood, childhood and bringing out the best possible future generations.

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WOULD BE PARENTS Another “first” and the most powerful program of Mind Gym is “Creating Abhimanyus”. Everyone knows that the power of learning starts right from the womb; as has been highlighted in Mahabharata, the biggest Indian epic covering each and every facet of our existence. Science, philosophy and psychology have proved beyond doubt that surroundings play a very vital role in helping the child inherit the personality traits desired by the parents, even when the child is yet a fetus. Thus, Mind Gym provides would-be parents with excellent counseling and guidance to help them create their own Abhimanyus, starting training right from the time the child is conceived. Some of the programs for would-be parents are: Creating Abhimanyus You can be a gifted parent Crafting personality Parenting- myths and realities

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YOUNG PARENTS It is the most exciting and the most difficult thing to be a young first time parent. A newborn infant brings a whole new world of responsibilities, possibilities, difficulties and challenges. Mind Gym is here to help all young parents settle into their newly adopted role through interactive growth camps that cover every aspect of bringing up children, right from a one-day infant to a ten year old kid. Various Growth Camps for young parents include: Understanding children Discipline- finding the right approach How to punish and reward Developing creativity among children Imbibing learning skills Preparing children for school How to harmonize siblings It takes a minute to be a parent

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SENIOR PARENTS Through years of experience in bringing up children, parents tend to start taking parenting for granted, it comes automatically to them, and a few essential points are lost in the hectic lives. Senior parents face more troubles as compared to young parents, as the innocent kids start developing into troubled teenagers, and further to young adults who need a support, however independent they tend to be. For these senior parents, Mind Gym offers various growth camps aimed at coaching them on being a parent who understands the needs of growing ups and learning to be friendly with them. Some of them are: Coping with teenagers Your teen- your friend True parenting- real play Understanding adolescence The great change- childhood to adulthood Are you listening?

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SINGLE PARENTS The most difficult task to bring up the children is faced by single parents. Being a single parent demands the role of mother and father to be played by one, and it is difficult. Single parents usually tend to be on extremes from very soft to very strict. Here, Mind Gym helps finding a right balance of Ardhnarishwar in one. Children today, especially with a single parent, need to be counseled about the difficulties being faced by the parent so as to help them blend with the situations, thus making a harmonized family, even with the lack of one of the two parents.

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Schools/Institutes Mind Gym’s growth services for schools, colleges, institutions include the widest range of trainings, right from conceptualizing an institution to making them highly result-oriented and thus, creating a better society with better educated people in all walks of life. GROWTH CAMPS School’s growth camps are essentially training programs and mentoring sessions for the four pillars of an education system, including administration, teachers, students and logistics. A school is an abode of learning, not only for the students, but for the teachers as well. There is a lot that goes behind the success of any educational institution; it’s not just about the teacher and the student, but about a whole lot more. Mind Gym recognizes the needs of an institution, and steps forward to provide for them. We at Mind Gym have diversified and compartmentalized Growth Camps for the different components of an educational institution.

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TEACHER’S COUNSELING Teachers being the backbone of the education system, indeed the whole society, are supposed to be the most powerful beings in terms of shaping the future of humanity. Considering such an important role that they play, Mind Gym offers exclusive sessions for teachers, guiding and grooming them to be the best and helping them understand the onerous task at hand- Teaching. Individual and group counseling for teachers help teachers to enhance their teaching methodologies and make them true mentors for their students as well as their children.

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SCHOOL CONSULTING Mind Gym offers many tailor made solutions right from conception of an educational institute to make them achieve their peak with a strongest footing , by providing integrated consulting in the areas of general management to taking care of all departments of the Institution.

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HARMONIZING SYSTEM Mind Gym offers various programs to create perfect harmony between three major aspects of schools- Teachers, Students and Parents. As the triangle of teachers, students and parents has created more conflicts in the education system than anything in the education system, Mind Gym believes that converting this triangle to a circle of continuous harmony brings about a major shift in modern education, thus resolving conflicts and clashes.

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Corporate institutions Today’s corporate world is seeking avenues to enhance productivity and consistent growth right from the shop floor level to top management. Mind Gym believes that everything under the sun has got immense potential to grow. Mind Gym’s corporate Growth Camps are a perfect blend of global corporate culture and ancient Indian ethos in management. After seeing the incompetence of western management theories and theoretical approach towards Total Quality Management, the Master Mindgymnast had proposed, in 1992, incorporating and blending all theories along with a hundred percent practical approach laid down in Ancient Indian Scriptures. Mind Gym’s strongest feather in the cap is highly result oriented growth camps, with a promise of an increase in productivity and putting a check on attrition rates, thus enabling today’s corporate to face the challenges of tomorrow.

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GROWTH CAMPS The Growth Camps are: Resolving ego clashes Resolving conflicts Image building and sharing Getting the best out of people Corporate communication- yesterday, today and tomorrow Managerial skills- leadership skills- success skills Applying Laws of nature in today’s corporate world Tomorrow’s corporate empire- India Do ethics pay? Restructuring organizational culture through Indian ethos

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IN-HOUSE TRAINING As the word implies, Mind Gym goes beyond In-house training programs. Before taking up training, coaching, mentoring contracts from corporate associations, Mind Gym’s growth brigadiers visit corporate houses, analyze the problem areas, find the right solution and prescribe an action plan from top to bottom. The modus operandi focuses on finding solutions, strategize with top management and through image sharing, take the strategies to the shop floor level, thus creating a permanent impact towards better productivity in all areas of an organization. Mind Gym is proud to offer highly result oriented programs from a day to year-long continuous trainings to achieve the desired goals.

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CORPORATE STRUCTURING with Indian ethos in management Corporate visionaries focus on the main-frame structures more than anything else to build a profitable corporate house. Here, Mind Gym offers tailor-made structuring processes to take the vision to a reality. Mind Gym’s corporate structuring focuses on understanding and developing the people working in a structure. Mind Gym helps in finding the right manpower with the right attitude with the right training to produce right results. Indian ethos in management goes beyond team-building and molding the people in corporate as a true family and making the corporate truly a global player.

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HIGH-END PLACEMENTS WITH TRAININGS Mind Gym’s wing ‘growth placements’ is busy head-over-heels to locate the right person for the right job, and a right job for the right person. The Mind Gymnasts take care of the needed inputs to design and implement one to one and group trainings to get whatever one wants.

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GROWTH BRIGADE Mind Gym operates with the help of a dedicated team of professionals, lovingly called THE GROWTH BRIGADE. Growth Brigade focuses on providing individual analysis of problem areas find out tailor-made solutions to increase the productivity for all. Growth Brigade is being groomed by the Master Mindgymnast to give world class services to all Mind Gym’s clients.

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Mind Gym in Nutshell Mind Gym With the dedicated help from its Growth Brigade And various wings and arms Is busy head over heels Towards Physical Fitness Mental Alertness Social Adaptability And Financial Freedom For all This is being achieved by Mentoring everybody Through laws of nature To achieve Whatever one wishes for

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