Skill Set of a Full Stack Developer

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Skill Set of a Full Stack Developer

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• Often small enterprises and start-ups lack the skills and resources required to build and maintain custom web applications. • The full-stack developers make it easier for these businesses to reduce development cost and time by building both frontend and backend of web applications. In addition to being proficient in widely used client- side and server-side technologies a full stack developer must understand databases web servers networks and hosting environments. • Also he must understand how to make the web application interact with external services and applications by using APIs. Hence enterprises must know the important full stack developer skills required to accelerate custom web application development.

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Essential Skills to Look for While Hiring a Full Stack Developer Frontend Technologies Each full stack developer must be proficient in building blocks of a website – HTML CSS and JavaScript. He must know how to add content to the website using HTML and styling the website content using CSS. At the same time he also needs to the language features and functions of a widely used client-side programming language like JavaScript. However it is also important for the developer to know how make the website look good on varying devices by combining HTML5 CSS3 and JavaScript. He must use responsive web design to make the website accessible on both computers and mobile devices with a single code base.

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Backend Technologies Like HTML CSS and JavaScript server-side programming languages are also an integral part of full stack web application development. The developer has option to write the backend of a web application in a number of server-side programming languages – PHP Java Ruby Python C and JavaScript. The full stack developer must know the pros and cons of each server-side technology to choose the right server-side programming language. Also he must be proficient in multiple back-end language to handle application logic database operations and user authentication efficiently. However no enterprise should expect the developer to have proficiency in several back-end programming languages.

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Databases Many enterprises nowadays use their web application to collect store and share a wide range of customer and business data. Hence each enterprise uses a robust database to store the data securely and access the data conveniently. But some enterprises opt for relational database management systems RDBMS whereas others prefer non-relational database management systems. An enterprise also has option to choose from several SQL and NoSQL databases. The full stack developer must understand the pros and cons of individual SQL and NoSQL databases to meet business needs. Also he must know how to connect the database to the specific server-side programming language use in-memory data stores and scale databases. At the same time the full stack developer also needs to know to how to store user data – sessions cookies and cached information – in the web browser through web storage.

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