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Liver disease:


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Liver disease is also called as hepatic disease. Liver disease is called for some disturbance affecting liver function that causes illness. The liver is responsible for functions like Protein productions, iron metabolism, blood clotting to cholesterol, glucose . What is liver disease??

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Functions of liver Liver helps in food digestion by producing bile Liver stores the extra glucose as glycogen, and will convert the glycogen back into glucose when the body require energy Liver produces amino acids Liver process and stores iron required for RBC (red blood cell ) production Liver produces cholesterol, and chemicals needed for fat transport Liver produces blood clotting factors Liver Converts the waste products of body metabolism into urea that is excreted in the urine; and Liver metabolizes medications into their active ingredient in the body

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Symptoms for liver disease Weakness Weight loss Vomiting Nausea Jaundice Fatigue

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Causes for liver disease Cancer Blood flow abnormalities Congestive heart failure When there is obstruction of bile flow due to some gallstones, this condition results in inflammation of the liver

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How liver disease diagnosed ?? Blood test AST and ALT GGT and alkaline phosphatase Bilirubin protein and albumin levels . Imaging techniques CT scan MRI scan ultrasound (sound wave imaging ) Liver biopsy

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Treatment for liver disease Each liver disease requires its own specific treatment regimen. For example, Hepatitis A requires supportive care to maintain hydration. Patients with gallstones are treated by surgery to remove the gallbladder. To control the level of protein absorbed in the diet, medications are suggested by the doctor In patients with the excess of ascites fluid, paracentesis treatment is done. An operation is used to treat portal hypertension and minimize the risk of bleeding. For patients with liver failure, liver transplantation is done.

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