Cancer- types and treatment

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Cancer is considered as a genetic disease. This genetic disease, cancer can be hereditary or may be due to certain environmental exposures ABOUT CANCER

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The environmental exposures that cause damage in DNA are the chemicals are present in tobacco smoke, and radiation (ultraviolet rays from the sun). These environmental exposures cause the body cells to divide in an unstable manner resulting cancer CANCER CAUSING FACTORS

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The genes responsible for cancer are of three types • Proto- oncogenes • Tumor suppressor genes • DNA repair genes The genetic changes that causes cancer are known as “Drivers” of cancer GENES RESPONSIBLE FOR CANCER

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Cancer happens in the epithelial cells are called as carcinoma. Some types of Carcinoma. • Adenocarcinoma , • Basal cell carcinoma , • Squamous cell carcinoma, • Transitional cell carcinoma CARCINOMA

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Cancer occurring in bones and soft tissues are called as Sarcoma. Types of Sarcoma • Osteosarcoma , • Leiomyosarcoma , • Kaposi sarcoma, • Malignant fibrous histiocytoma , • Liposarcoma • Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans SARCOMA

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Cancer seen in bone marrow is called as Leukemia. Leukemia is not solid tumors. An example for one type of leukemia is acute lymphoblastic leukemia . LEUKEMIA

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Cancer occurring in the lymphocytes (T cells or B cells) are called Lymphoma. There are types of Lymphoma and they are • Hodgkin lymphoma • Non-Hodgkin lymphoma LYMPHOMA

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MULTIPLE MYELOMA Cancer occurring in the plasma cells (immune cell) is called as Multiple Myeloma. This Multiple Myeloma also called as plasma cell myeloma and Kahler disease.

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Cancer occurring in the melanocytes , cells that make melanin pigment MELANOMA

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These tumors are named based on the type of cell in which they formed and where the tumor first formed in the central nervous system. Some examples for brain or spinal cord tumors are • Astrocytic tumor • Brain tumors BRAIN & SPINAL CORD TUMORS

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Germ Cell Tumors Germ cell tumors originates from sperm or eggs cell Neuroendocrine Tumors This type of neuroendocrine tumors orginates from hormone releasing cells which respond to signal from the nervous system Carcinoid Tumors Carcinoid tumors are commonly seen in gastrointestinal system. This type of Carcinoid tumors are slow-growing tumors. OTHER TYPES OF TUMORS

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SYMPTOMS OF CANCER The symptoms for cancer in men are given below. • Bowel changes • Rectal bleeding • Urinary changes • Blood in urine • Persistent back pain • Unusual coughing • Testicular lumps • Excessive fatigue • Unexplained weight loss • Lumps in the breast

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SYMPTOMS OF CANCER The symptoms for cancer in women are given below • Abnormal vaginal bleeding • Unexplained weight loss • Vaginal discharge colored with blood • Constant fatigue • Swollen leg • Loss of appetite or feeling full all the time • Pain in the pelvis or abdominal area • A bloated belly • Constantly needing bathroom breaks • Persistent indigestion or nausea

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Cancer treatments include • Surgery • Radiation Therapy • Chemotherapy • Immunotherapy • Targeted Therapy • Hormone Therapy • Stem Cell Transplant. • Precision Medicine. TREATMENTS FOR CANCER

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