How to Verify Email Addresses With Software Tools


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How to Verify Email Addresses With Software Tools:

How to Verify Email Addresses With Software Tools


Email addresses can be quite helpful for marketing campaigns and can significantly increase revenues of businesses. Because of this, it is very important to always verify the addresses in certain lists which are used for marketing and this can happen in various ways. One of the possible methods to verify email address is to use a specific software tool which can automatically bring the data you need. However, there are many such tools that you can choose from. Some of them are even offered for free but many recommend not using these ones. To ensure the tool you have decided to use is actually the one you need, there are specific features you should be aware of.


Each software tool used to verify email address has a specific number of email addresses that can be verified. This capacity can differ significantly from tool to tool. Some can even verify millions of emails whereas others can only do that for several hundreds. This can be quite a problem for people who have very fast growing lists of email addresses. Therefore, they need the tool to manage large lists regularly. If this is the case, then it will be better to choose a software tool which can support up to a million email addresses.


Another important feature to ensure is the accuracy of the email verification software. This can be easily done if you use software which has a bounce handler built-in to speed up the process. Once you have your first marketing campaign email sent to the list of email addresses, the tool should be able to determine which ones are being opened and which ones are not. By doing so, you will find out from the tool which email addresses are valid and which are not. Once you know the invalid ones, you can easily remove them from the list of email addresses that you use. It is recommended to ensure that you choose a tool which ensures 100% accuracy for the user, as well as has many positive reviews from previous customers. There are many offers on the Internet for such tools, but making sure that you choose the right one will save a lot of time and money.


The tool that you choose should also be able to do the verification process secretly. There is no need of the customers you already have and all of the recipients of the email to find out that this is a verification process. The tool should be absolutely secretly working without letting the users find out about it. This will ensure your reputation and customers will open more of your emails afterwards.


Using a tool to verify email address is one of the most common options chosen by business owners and marketers who work for such businesses. Having a successful marketing campaign is only possible if you have a valid list of email addresses to use in order to minimize the bounce rate and have positive results. :

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