Ways to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website


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Ways to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website:

Ways to Get Free Targeted Traffic to Your Website


How many ways can you get free traffic to your website? There are literally tons of ways to drive free targeted traffic to your websites, but here are some strategies to get you started on the right track. These are free traffic methods used by multi-million dollar companies which is important because it levels the playing field between you and the big dogs in your niche. By using free traffic methods there is no chance of going broke trying to learn the ropes.


1. Guest Blogging. You first need to find a group of blogs in your niche with quality traffic and form a union with the owners of these blogs and persuade other bloggers to post your content. Then you need to know how to write a guest blog post that builds anticipation and gets readers to click through to visit your site.


Ezine Articles. A great way to generate free traffic is writing and submitting your articles to article directories. Outline and write engaging articles that get your readers hanging on your every word. Create a great byline that gets plenty of clicks and start distributing your articles. You'll soon have several articles spread all over that web getting clicks and driving traffic to your blog, squeeze page and offers.


Viral Rebrandable Reports. Create helpful and valuable rebrandable reports that will help feed your market with the content they want. Make sure you include two types of links, one link to either your own paid product or an affiliate product and one link to your mailing list squeeze page. Contact partners and affiliates to pitch your offer and give them the option to rebrand the product link in your report to their own products and give away your report for free. This will spread your report like a prairie fire.


Product Launches. This is your chance to capitalise on traffic from your product launches by building buzz during the pre-launch. Start recruiting eager and willing marketing partners - even if you're one of the little guys or gals in your niche. Then 2-4 weeks before your launch you whip your prospects into a pre-launch frenzy so they're ready to bust down your virtual door on launch day.


Viral Videos. When videos are shared all over the internet via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or even searched on Google they are known to go viral. Decide what type of video you are going to create and distribute them online with a focus on contacting JV partners and you'll get a huge amount of targeted traffic visiting your websites when they go viral.


Giveaway Promotions. Create reports, audio, video, software or templates that will help your target audience to solve a problem. Create a squeeze page and giveaway your free product in exchange for a name and email address. Make sure you include links in your product that drive visitors back to your website as it could be pass around everywhere.


7. Press Releases. You can get quite a lot of traffic from promoting your business for free with press releases. Writing a newsworthy press release can actually get you ink in the newspaper, land you interviews on radio and television and even get the phone ringing off the hook with media request. You can also get links that drive your target audience back to your website.


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