Peeping Ancient Art in Handmade Pots and Vases

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Creating something new is art. It is about discovering something and putting meaning to it. It is even told that human is from raw earth which has a priceless value. Since the beginning, people are connected with nature. We are living in a symbiosis and each action may benefit or harm each other.


Ceramics, Clay Pot Making, and Vase Making are some of the ancient activities our ancestors have started. They are their past time as well the start of their small industry. Little we realized that on each pot or vases are culture embarked. Each vase or each pot contains a story of their life. Say for example on the vase you have. The potter may perhaps have his first son. It could also be sorrow or grief for the deceased of someone they love. Whatever it is each vase and pot we have undeniably had something to tell.


Each step in the pottery process is an incredible art by itself alone. From molding to glazing and up to polishing, each has a throwing process. In Gaia, a company which revives pottery in an elegant and eco-friendly way, each product is handmade. Artisan which masterly know different styles have been gathered to offer clients a unique, splendid products that will surely make a home stand out.


Gaia Collection have ceramic vases and clay pots good for your plants whether to keep them indoor or outdoor. You can choose from the most simple to the artistic ones. A variety of color palette and elegance are present. It will not hold your plant in good condition but it will, without a doubt, put flavor in your dull garden. Handmade wear is also available. Teacup sets to Water Jar, Gaia has it all. Their pieces will complement the design of your house whether you are going Rustic Modern or Japanese Zen.


Pottery products are all chemically resistant. They can withstand an extensive range of temperature. They can carry on from very hot to very cold. Here are different types of clay art:


1. Earthen Ware They are from the earliest times and this is the most common type of pottery. It is clay-based with glazed ceramic. It is permeable to water 2. Stoneware These are ware that is fired at high temperatures. They are dense but are hard. They can resist scratches by a steel point. 3. Porcelain These are ceramic material widely known as first used by Chinese. They are hard, impermeable and artificially colored.



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