Puppy Training- The Basics

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Puppy Training: The Basics:

Puppy Training: The Basics


For anybody reading this article, you may have just lately attained a puppy or are minimally thinking about it. The time has now come for the important work of training your new companion. Improper training is amongst the core reasons for pet owner surrender of dogs. A dog that is well controlled through proper training is likely to stay in a home. Well trained dogs tend to have less destructive behaviors and other undesired actions.

When do you start out teaching a puppy?:

When do you start out teaching a puppy? As soon as the puppy comes into the home the training can begin. You will need to begin with house breaking, common commands including sit, down, stay, and socializing with people.

What's associated with training?:

What's associated with training? Positive reinforcement with food treats is a popular method to encourage your puppy during training. The puppy is first shown the treat, given the instruction, and the treat is moved to successfully acquire the preferred behavior. For instance, when you are teaching the sit command, you may hold the treat on top of the puppy's face and transfer it slowly backwards to acquire the response. Holding the treat out from a distance could get the puppy to come and holding the food down toward the floor will generate the down response. It will be essential to pair a command phrase with every action and give an incentive for the requested response.


With consistency, the puppy will become familiar with the words associated with the certain command and hand signal. Sooner or later you'll want the puppy to not need a treat right after giving a command so you can expect to want to phase this out. Once it responds using the correct action, you can hide the reward in your hands. It is important to give the command and duplicate the sign it has learned.


As soon as your puppy performs the desired task you can reward with praise and alternate with a food treat. Sooner or later you just want to reward with praise. Soon enough this praise becomes a secondary reinforcement.

How much time is necessary to train my puppy?:

How much time is necessary to train my puppy? As I pointed out in the Guidelines for acquiring a new puppy a time commitment is needed to train your puppy. Since puppies vary with their amount of motivation, the time needed to invest in training can vary. A minimum of fifteen minutes a day is a good goal to set for you and your puppy. This can be spread out or split up into in short 5 minute intervals throughout the day. Incorporate all members of the family to promote consistency with teaching. These training sessions should really incorporate your puppy into your daily life.


It should be expected to abide by instructions at meal time, when going for a walk, meeting other people and interacting with other dogs. By training your dog all the time, throughout the day, you happen to be developing yourself as the leader.


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