spirituality - simple truths with a little advice

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Spirituality - Simple Truths with a little advice


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Simple Truths with a little advice

You are one with everything : 

You are one with everything It is an illusion that you are separate. The illusion of separateness by its nature invites belief in vulnerability, imperfection and leads to judgement and fear. The illusion of separateness provides you with a unique perspective. The illusion can be enjoyed whilst fully knowing your oneness. You are like the perspective of a ripple in the ocean – it’s unique, and temporary because ultimately you are the ocean. As you are happy watching a magician performing a trick whilst fully appreciating it is an illusion – You can be happy experiencing life from your unique perspective knowing you are one with everything You are not separate to God.

That which you are will never die : 

That which you are will never die As a ripple is born and dies your unique perspective, the illusion of you as a separate being is born and will die. But that which you are was never born and will never die it will always simply be. All perspectives, physical manifestations, thought, feelings and emotions are born and will die as it is inherent in the world of form we experience. Dimensions of length, time and mass are also part of the illusions which is the world of form we experience.

Time is an illusion : 

Time is an illusion There is only now. You can always only act in the now. In dwelling on the past or future you miss out on living the now.

The answers lie within : 

The answers lie within You are one with everything and contain all universal knowledge it’s simply a matter of observing within to find the answers Within you lie the answers to questions such as “Who am I?” and “What is the purpose of my life?” For you to fully know the answers to these questions the answers must come from within. Whilst others may tell you the answer to these questions, you will not truly know the answer unless it arises from within you.

Silence your mind regularly : 

Silence your mind regularly A way to advance quickly spiritually is to practice simply observing without thinking, analysing or judging at least daily. As thoughts come and go simply watch them and let them go. When you train a muscle it takes time to build strength and time to realise benefits. It will take time to develop the discipline of silencing your mind and it will take time to see the benefits – but the spiritual transformation has no choice but to happen. This type of meditation is called many things by many religions and practices; No-Mind Meditations, Centering Prayer, Zazen, Being the observing presence etc. All offer varying approaches – do not be distracted, focus simply on observing everything and gently letting thoughts go if they arise.

I am : 

I am

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