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Flex-SymesTM The foremost solution in Symes technology: A fusion of the Carbon X® Active Heel, versatile alignment options and a low build height contribute to a superior Flex-Symes solution.

Flex-SymesTM Features & Benefits: 

Flex-SymesTM Features & Benefits Carbon X Active Heel Most superior shock absorption and energy return available in a Symes foot Tapered carbon fiber construction Proportional response to the load applied Full Length Toe Lever Reduced impact to sound limb Even stride length


Versatile alignment options 5mm AP/ML slide 3° angular adjustment in two planes 6° angular adjustment in one plane Low build height (49-53mm) Provision of a truly energy storing design for individuals with the longest limbs Flex-SymesTM Features & Benefits

Flex-SymesTM Selection criteria: 

Flex-SymesTM Selection criteria Long residual limbs, Symes, and Pirogoff amputations Appropriate for all impact levels Weight limit: 45-166kg Sizes: 22-30cm

Flex-SymesTM Technical Instructions: 

Flex-SymesTM Technical Instructions Introduce appropriate socket angles flexion / extension and abduction / adduction The load line should fall at the junction of the posterior and the middle third portions as shown in the diagram (the mark on the brim of the foot cover matches the one third portion) Carbon foot plate Center bolt Carbon active heel Socket adapter 2x Circular alignment wedges Spherical washer

Flex-SymesTM Technical Instructions: 

Flex-SymesTM Technical Instructions Wrap synthetic casting tape and proceed withdynamic alignment for temporary use only. The alignment wedges provide shift adjustments of maximum 5mm in M-L and A-P and angulation adjustments up to 6° in one direction or 3° in two directions. Guided by the positioning hole, drill 5 mm hole through the circular alignment wedge and the socket adapter. Tap M6 threads. Assemble anti rotation bolt(SLX3005X) and anti rotation washer (SLX30055) to secure the alignment. Torque anti rotation bolt: 10 N.m 8 f.lb. Torque center bolt: 40 Nm 30 f.lb

Circular Wedge Alignment: 

Circular Wedge Alignment Use the alignment options of the circular alignment wedges to fine tune the dynamic alignment. The alignment wedges provide shift adjustments of maximum 5mm in M-L and A-P and angulation adjustments up to 6 degrees in one direction or 3 degrees in two directions.

Carbon X® Heel Adjustment: 

Carbon X® Heel Adjustment Three heel wedges in different colors and angles 2°, 4° and 6° (see pic. D) Colored wedges offer more progressive stiffening from heel to toe than the black wedges The colored wedges should be attached to the upper side of the foot module to prevent interference with heel divider and cut through the split toe (see pic. F) A combination of wedges may be used if more heel stiffness is desired (e.g. blue and yellow bonded together using Loctite 495) Position heel divider as demonstrated in the picture (G)

Replacing LP Symes: 

Replacing LP Symes The LP Symes cannot be replaced directly by the new Flex-Symes as the adapters have different designs. The LP Symes features a curved surface whereas the Flex Symes features a flat attachment surface. As a result, the prosthetist has to remove the lamination plate on the present socket of the LP Symes prosthesis and fit it to the Flex Symes socket adapter. The build height measurements match closely but they are based on different reference height.

Recommendation for Lamination : 

Recommendation for Lamination

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