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Google Ads Many people think of it as an expensive tool without being aware of its advantages. But let us tell you it is an extremely budgetary tool with various benefits for your business. RK Media advises its clients to choose Google Ads for their businesses for helping it to reach new heights improve sales increase brand awareness topping their competitors and achieving faster results. It is undoubtedly a great tool for advertising and marketing. Moreover if handled by experienced digital marketing personnel it can be a power-packed addition to your already-existing marketing arsenal. Following are the 17 advantages of Google Ads explained in detail below:

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1.Increase Brand Awareness: Yes Google Ads does help you to get clicks conversions and traffic. However there is an added advantage too. It is a very resourceful way in which you can inform the people about your brand. According to researches it does help to lift top-of-the-mind awareness by a certain percentage. If we observe Search Engine Optimization SEO your ranking is also based on the number of searches of your brand name and its variations too. This is one prime reason that you must aim at increasing brand awareness through search ads along with display ads. 2. Gives faster results as compared to SEO: As compared to any other medium the visibility a business gains with Google is way more valuable in terms of driving sales. On the search engine front there is a golden opportunity for every business for coming in front of people at that exact same time while they are looking out for their products or services. But remember there is a catch here If the opportunity is this huge the completion will also be too high. Hence organic ranking on search engines is a tedious and time-consuming task. There is a way out if you are availing credibility from authorized websites and through proper optimization of websites that good results can be achieved in an organic manner. However it takes time and patience. But if you use Google Ads you can get your results much faster. Of course there is a certain level of competition but the positive news here is with the bid amount the keywords’ quality score. This refers to the ad relevancy expected Click-Through Rate CTR and landing page experience that determines the position of the Ad. Therefore with proper usage of Google Ads along with the required bid it can help to bring in a good ROI. The reasons that Google Ads is more effective and faster are because it can focus on multiple keywords at one time. Also you can turn the promotion campaign off or on whenever you wish to. Moreover ads appearing on top of the page get instant visibility.

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3. Higher Targeting of Ads: Is it logical for your Ads to reach a large audience who are not even interested in your products and services Does it sound reasonable to reach out to people who are indifferent Well the answer is no. The smart thing here is to target the people who will probably be interested in your brand and what you’re providing. Targeting through Google Ads gives you the ability to reach out to audience with particular interests depicting that they will be interested in your brand and show relevant ads to them specifically. Various ways of targeting is offered by Google Ads that you can use in your marketing campaigns. You can make use of Ad location age language location keywords days frequency times devices and so on. In such a manner relevant prospects can be targeted who might genuinely show interest in your business.

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4. Reach out to more customers with Gmail Inbox: Email marketing is something that many businesses opt for. They feel that this is a good way to improve personalization with the customers. Also they expect desirable responses to come their way through this. Even Gmail ads can help you in this. In September 2015 Google carried out the integration of Google Ads then Google Ads and the native Gmail ads thereby making it available for all advertisers. In this way more number of prospective clients can be reached through the Gmail inbox. 5. Controlling costs: Well who does not want to have control over their costs It is always pleasing to have controlled marketing campaigns so that you know where your money is being spent exactly. Google Ads provides you the ability to control your spending of money. There is no minimum here you can invest the least amount if you want. Also you can choose the funds you spend per day per ad and per month. You will only have to pay if somebody clicks on your ad.

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6. Measure your campaign success: When you use Google Ads if somebody is clicking on your ad you will get to know. Additionally if they clicked on the ad and then added something valuable to your business too such as purchasing your products phoning in an order or downloading your app even that can be tracked. When you notice that which of the ads are getting clicks and which ones aren’t there you can make your decision whether or not invest in your campaign. This majorly helps in boosting your Return on Investment ROI. Moreover other valuable data can also be gained through this such as how much it totally cost you on an average for advertising that leads to your consumers’ phone calls or online purchases. Additionally you can use analytical tools for learning about the shopping habits of your customers such as how long they tend to research your products before making the purchase. 7. Tackle your competition in a better manner: Do you want to outrank your competitors Well I am sure most you all might want to. You might have seen billboard fights among brands trying to put their hoardings next to each other giving tough competition to one another. Google Ads makes it classier smarter and not-so-nasty for beating your competition. Okay Let’s say you have a tough competition with one of the rival brands in your industry and you are guessing that most of the prospective sales are being shared by them. So now this guess could be right or wrong. But for ensuring your assumption and backing you up on this Google Ads outrank show reports that depict the number of times this competitor has outranked you on Google. You can choose ‘Target Outrank’ with Google Ads that will help you in choosing automatic bidding strategies for adjusting your bid to outrank that particular competitor in the auction. This is regarded as one of the most prime benefits of Google Ads wherein the competitors’ Ads can be outranked. So why wait And choose Google Ads right away to stay on top of the game. RK Media provides services on carrying out Google Ads successfully for your business for victoriously outranking the competition.

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8. Managing your campaigns: Google Ads is an excellent way to easily monitor and manage accounts. If you are managing multiple Google Ads accounts at the same time you can also use My Client Center MCC manager account for saving your time. It is a powerful tool that lets you easily manage and view all of your Google Ads accounts from one location. Also you can manage your Google Ads account offline through Goole Ads Editor that is a free downloadable desktop application. It helps you for conveniently and quickly making changes to your account. With the help of this you can download your account information firstly and then edit your campaigns offline. Also you can upload your changes to Google Ads too. You can utilize Google Ads Editor for managing editing and viewing multiple accounts at one time. Furthermore you can copy and move different items between ad campaigns and groups and redo and undo several changes while editing your campaigns.

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9. Creation of Campaign Strategies depending on Users’ Demographics: Did you know that Google Ads has data regarding user demographics such as parental status gender age and so on This is especially for search campaigns. For instance if you are an interior designer then your target customers will be people who already have a house or are planning to construct a home. You have started to use Google Ads and started observing the conversion rate which is not showing to be good enough. Now when you look at the demographics of your prospects you can see the background of the users that are interested in your products and services. Now when you get to know your prospects and the people who are visiting your website you can target in a better manner. Thus there is no time and energy wasted on people who are not interested in your brand.

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10. Influencing the audience for making purchases: Okay for once just forget the customer and think about your buying behavior. As an audience when have you given your contact details or made a purchase instantly visiting a website for the very first time Well the common answer to this would be very rare and that is true. The customers do not establish trust in the first-time opened websites immediately. There is a world of information on the internet that one sees before making a certain purchase. The consumer makes the buying decision based on a lot of research comparing several options and then ultimately finalizing on a specific product. Therefore it is significant for the brands to influence the decision of the people who are visiting their website to make them easily sail through the buying funnel. You can use Google Ads’ remarketing ads for making this task very easy and effective. The audience that visits the website through any source is categorized into different audiences and targeted on the websites which are shown on the Google Display Network.

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11. Explore higher with the help of ads: Did you get confused with the title As noticed there is so much one can explore when you link your Google Ads account along with your Google Analytics account. Google Ads is the best platform however it will not let you know what exactly people do after clicking on the ads. On the contrary Google Analytics will help you to know that. It lets you know that how long a visitor has stayed on your webpage how many pages of your page have been visited bounce rate of your landing page details about the new visitors returning visitors and much more. By linking all of this information together you will have way more data in your kitty. Through this data you can analyze your audience in a better way and know their interests well. A digital marketer can measure the overall performance of the Google Ads. There might be various ads campaigns and keywords that are non-performing in nature. You can pause or stop these immediately. Once you understand what’s not working you can try out diverse variations for boosting your results. This data would also assist in writing more posts/articles using keywords that are performing best for your brand. Using such high-performance keywords you can rank in a better way for organic search too.

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12. Establishing reconnection with your website’s visitors: One of the best advantages of Google Ads is reconnecting with the visitors of your website. So let’s see you may have window shoppers on your site. This is the audience who has visited all the pages of your website but have not taken any specific action to go ahead with your brand services. How do you remind the visitors of your products and services What is the thing you could do to attract their attention Enter RSLA campaigns and Display Marketing. In the following way reconnection can be established in the following way:

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 Remarketing on the Display Network: This assists marketers to target visitors on varied advertising-supported websites utilizing banner images. For instance if you run a travel business and a visitor are looking out for a Europe Travel Package. However due to some reasons he/she decided to leave without buying the package. One thing you can do is to create a remarketing list for targeting that person again. These suppressed lists help you to target new and fresh leads. Then you can make a decision to not run ads for those users who have already converted into customers.  Remarketing on the Search Networks: RSLA refers to Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. As the name is denoted it runs remarketing promotions on the search network just like display remarketing. Moreover the advertiser is required to add keywords in this promoting campaign. By doing that Google ads can match the search query of the users with the remarketing lists and keyword. This will assist Google show relevant ads for every search query. Since certain users have already visited your site there are higher chances of converting these people into leads when they observe your remarketing ads too.

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13. Higher Ad visibility to Good-Quality audience: There is a major misconception among the advertisers that every keyword must have 100 search impression share. But if you observe in reality is it genuine to spend money on each search Most of the times the searches may be carried out for research purposes by competitors people doing a project and so on. They might not have any intention of buying a product or service. With Google Ads it is made possible for serving ads to the people who are more likely to making a purchase. For this one can choose automatic bidding strategies such as Enhanced Cost per Click ECPC wherein bid will be adjusted depending on the prior conversion data and the combination of a variety of information of those converters such as device model browser location the day of the week time of the day and so on. 14. Continuous testing for finally winning the game So let’s say that you have a new feature launched for your product which you believe could attract customers. You replace this feature with the already existing features in your ad copies and also update the same on your landing page. In the meantime you also make a decision to test one of the automatic bid strategies for improving conversions. Post this you notice that within a month your Ad performance has improved in terms of conversions and CTR. You show this excellent result to your boss and the boss is super-impressed. Now you are told to implement this strategy across all of the campaigns. Now the issue that stands here is that you are not aware of whether the new bidding strategy worked or the new feature. Google Ads gives a choice to experiment with one change per campaign and test over a time period whether the experiment or the original delivered the improved result. Data provided in the experiment is verified statistically for removing the randomness.

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15. Comparatively Inexpensive: Most of the times when you get started with Google ads it is comparatively cheap and quick. Each keyword has an average cost per click CPC related with it. You can spend how much ever you want more or less as per your choice and your budget. You can scale your budget up and down as you get higher and higher success in it. When you consider certain industries you got to make sure that the budget is competitive in nature. The PRO Tip here is to manage your expenditure across various campaigns but in reality you are allowing Google allocate funds instead of you. It will organically prioritize campaigns and ads that perform in an excellent manner. It gives them more budgets to those promotion campaigns while ignoring the rest. By providing every campaign with its’ own individual budget you can inform Google where to prioritize the budget and you won’t be left with one or two promotion campaigns surpassing the rest. 16. Purchase your way to the top of the game: Google Ads allow you to purchase your way to be on top of the search results. Of course this is valid only when your ad is pertinent to the query of the users and has a respectable Ad rank too. This is an excellent tactic if you are just beginning your own SEO initiative. While your organic rankings are structuring up you can utilize paid search for boosting your website until you are fully prepared. Once you are genuinely prepared you can compare which organic expressions you are not ranking good for and utilize paid search on them for keeping the momentum going up and up.

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17. Brand Protection: Okay This benefit might not be as famous as the rest of the advantages. Though it is a valid one. Let us inform you that we do not recommend you to bid on the names of your competitor unless you are a PRO at executing Google Ads. However you can purchase your business name. If the industry you are in is highly competitive purchasing your own name is an excellent way to keep the competitors off your scale when somebody searches your brand by the name. Not only you will be on top of the organic listings but you should also possess the top paid listing. Also a click on your own brand name is going to be very cheap. In our opinion it is a very small price to pay for a lot of advantages.

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Conclusion: On the whole it is very beneficial to go for Google Ads for your business. Budget can be set according to the funds available with you but in any which way it is advantageous to your brand. RK Media Mumbai considers the above pros and suggests the businesses to opt for Google Ads for their businesses to grow and develop extensively. The sales increase considerably through proper execution of Google Ads and there is a higher sense of brand awareness. A budding as well as a well-established business must go for it irrespectively. Contact us for executing Google Ads successfully for your business

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