Tankless Water Heater Maintenance Tips

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Is A Tankless Water Heater Right Choice for Your Home?:

Keeping up with an outdated water heating system and tolerating cold water continuously can be risky for your health as well for your budget. When you realize that it’s the right time to replace the old water heater, you come across multiple options. Is A Tankless Water Heater Right Choice for Your Home?


You never want to deal with an ice-cold shower especially in winter, so the water heating system is quite a life savior at that time. There are two common options if you reside in somewhere New Jersey, tankless hot water heaters that warm water on demand and the other one is a traditional tank storage water heater that holds a specific maximum volume of hot water. You may contact plumbing contractors in Parlin NJ for professional assistance. 5


Tankless Water Heaters vs. Tank-style Water Heater Tankless water heaters are energy-efficient units that are used mostly in homes with 2-4 members. So first of all if you have more than 5 members, you may consider advice from a professional water heater service . They are a bit expensive but if you compare them with the benefits, the investment may seem reasonable. A plumber in Parlin NJ can inspect your home and then tell you the appropriate size of a tank according to your requirements . The installation price of a tankless water heater varies greatly depends on the brand, type, and size of it. The average cost is about $2,979 (According to Home Depot). This type of water heaters are a great option if you have a small space in the bathroom. They are electrical units and thus mostly require some upgrades in your existing electrical system. Tankless heaters have a long lifespan. According to most of the plumbing contractors , it is better to choose a system that runs on gas rather than electricity as that saves you cost on utility bills in case you have a big family.


On the contrary, tank-style water heaters are inexpensive options. They can be easily installed by a plumber in a few hours. They run on electricity, gas, and propane. The lifetime of this type of unit is between 10 and 15 years. Tank water heaters can typically hold between 25 and 80 gallons at a time and you can choose the right size as per your need. If we talk about the benefits of tank water heaters, they are easy-to-install, affordable, and don’t require many changes in the existing electrical system. And considering the cons, they consume and waste more energy. Once the tank water is completely drained out, you have to wait for more hot water.


Tankless Water Heater Advantages Less waste: Because tankless heaters don’t need to store water, they are more energy-efficient and help users to use less water overall . Less space: This system doesn’t require a large tank that can hold 50 to 60 gallons of water, allowing it to fill up much less space. This makes it better choice for homes with less floor space, or just anyone that wants a few extra square feet to enjoy in their home . Longer Lifespan: Tankless hot water heaters are able to last more than 20 years. You can contact professional water heater service Parlin NJ providers for more information on each model of water heater available in your area and to get estimated costs for having one in your residence.


Maintenance Tips For Tankless Water Heater


Lower the temperature Adjusting the correct water heater temperature is vital not only for your comfort but also to avoid potential damages to your system. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recommends water heaters be set to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit, on the other hand, The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recommends to set it at no more than 120 °F. It means keeping the degrees between 120 and 130 is ideal to reduce the chances of a breakdown of your system due to overheating and also to save money on electricity . Check the T&P Valve A Temperature & Pressure Relief Valve (T&P Valve) is a valve that mostly located at the top of your water heater for safety purposes. It is designed to prevent or release the exceeded pressure inside the tank that may explode if there is no valve. You can test this valve by removing it from the drain line using a wrench. It would be better to call an experienced plumber to perform this job . 10


Inspect Plumbing Joints You should thoroughly inspect the plumbing joints for any corrosion or lime scale buildup since they both can strain the performance of your tankless water heater and can eventually impact on its efficiency. If there is corrosion at the piping or  titan plumbing  fittings it may lead to a leakage soon if not treated by a  plumber in Parlin NJ . 11

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