11 Things That Turn a House into a Home

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These 11 things will definitely turn every house into a lovely home.


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Humans are creatures of comfort. Who doesn’t dream about that “phew” moment coming back home after a busy day or a long trip In a lifetime all of us move between a number of properties so it’s harder than ever to feel at home. Here are the 11 most effective ways to help you turn a house into a home so let’s go

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Photos That blurry childhood memory or perfectly staged wedding photo an unexpected snap taken with best friend’s phone on that spontaneous trip or simply a landscape from your hometown - framed or on a pinboard photos bring out so many feelings. Bringing your closest friends family and places so much closer creates the most intimate atmosphere.

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Floors Hearing your own footsteps resounding in an empty room is the sound of both new beginning and slightly bitter loneliness. Fill the emptiness with a nice carpet or rug - soft fabric instantly absorbs sounds turning the room into a friendlier and comfier space.

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Smell Fill the house with the scents you love - be it aroma sticks or something like your favourite cleaning solution. There are three universal smells that give instant comfort to all of us: freshly brewed coffee oven-baked bread and your favourite breakfast smell.

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Light Personalising how the light flows in the house will definitely change how you feel at home. Get a new lamp for that dark corner or a different lamp shade with a warmer colour change curtains or even repaint walls if you feel like it.

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Pillows Yes pillows. These little pouches are just created for giving you a hug every time you sit on that sofa or armchair. Plus they come in all shapes and sizes fabrics and colours. Choose yours wisely and the result will be a vibrant comfortable and personal home.

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Comfy Slippers Oh yes nothing compares to those good old slippers. This primal feet spa treatment instantly takes you on a tropical island where all of your problems exist no more.

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Plants Bringing some organic life into your home will definitely make it feel more vibrant and alive. Not only plants bring freshness but there is something deeply human in seeing them grow and cycle through seasons.

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Loved ones Nothing compares to the feeling of knowing there is someone waiting for you to get home. This someone is the biggest reason for waking up and falling asleep with a smile.

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Kitchen Essentials Become the top chef of your kitchen - get everything you need in place to make your favourite meal and experiment with making new dishes with pleasure ease. Don’t forget to get enough utensils for your guests too.

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Art Not talking about expensive and pointless kind of art here think about the things that matter to you. Motivating poster your childs drawing or a souvenir brought from that last trip to a foreign country - express yourself through decor.

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Memories Hosting a noisy party with friends or a romantic dinner with the loved one inviting people over for a movie night or a gastronomic evening - all these things grow your relationship with the house ever-stronger and a house turns from just a property into an important part of your life.

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Created by: Millie Nicholls Marketer at Local Cleaners Fulham

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