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Raw milk is the purest form of milk that we get from healthy cows that feed only on green grass and are organically bred without injecting any hormones and other drugs. Unadulterated raw milk is a boon. Loaded with goodness, its nutrition is unparallel.


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Goodness of Raw Milk Since a very long time our human minds have been infected with the thought that Raw milk is a disgrace and very unhealthy to consume. This misconception about raw milk is created by big dairy companies who want to sell their inorganic pasteurized milk which renders milk with no nutrients of its own. Once a person learns what is raw milk he would never retreat back to pasteurized milk • What Is Raw Milk It is the purest form of milk that we get from healthy cows that feed only on green grass and are organically bred without injecting any hormones and other drugs. Unadulterated raw milk is a boon. Loaded with goodness its nutrition is unparallel. It is full of enzymes probiotics good fat and vitamins that raw milk is termed as a SUPER FOOD. Due to its abundant richness the Forbes Magazine has claimed it to be one of the healthiest food on the planet. • Why Go for The Raw When cows are feeding on green grass not subjected to hormones and drugs and the milk is extracted in a natural clean environment raw milk is one of the most nutrient packed foods to devour. Our experts have selected top reasons to go for the raw.

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• Raw Milk Vs Pasteurized Milk Pasteurization is a process that prevents the spoilage of the milk and dairy products. It was developed to increase the endurance of the dairy. But it is still debatable whether pasteurized milk is actually healthier than raw milk. Pasteurization exposes milk to a high temperature thus eliminating many nutrients that give milk its goodness. Important enzymes and vitamins are completely altered from the milk in a significant amount. Vitamin C is decreased to as low as 20 by pasteurizing. Due to the absence of enzymes in the pasteurized milk there Is an increased risk for lactose allergies. It therefore would not be wrong to say that raw milk is vastly more nutritious than pasteurized milk. Raw milk has heaps of benefits for human body if consumed on a daily basis. • Good for Skin Hair and Nails Raw milk is used for beautiful skin hair and nails since ancient times. Due its variety of nutrients it acts as a catalyst to beautify the skin from deep within making it soft supple and radiant. This ancient beauty element is now finding its place in international market as more and more companies are making their cosmetics using raw milk. The goodness of raw milk speaks for itself when a new born baby in India is first bathed with raw milk. You can use raw milk in any face pack or apply it directly on the hair to feel and look beautiful. • Reduce allergy Raw milk has time and again proved to be one of the most efficient remedy to cure allergies. The raw milk as opposite to pasteurized milk has abundance of nutrients enzymes and pro biotics. Pro biotics act as a foundation for our immune system. Thus individuals who are exposed to pro biotics than those who don’t have a better immune system. Many researchers have found out that children fed with raw milk are less prone to allergies like asthma.

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• Better digestion Due to high presence of probiotic bacteria in raw milk it is very beneficial in maintaining good digestion. Being a home to enzymes raw milk helps to absorb nutrients from other foods. • Better bone density Calcium is the power house for bone density. We find calcium in abundance in raw milk which helps to increase the bone density and makes teeth stronger. The calcium present is raw milk is easily absorbed by the bones as compared by the calcium in pasteurized milk. Raw milk is a precious gift of mother nature to mankind. Our ancestors completely relied on raw milk as they had no methods of pasteurization back then. Even then we can see that they had better longevity than our generation. We should adopt nature in its true sense without altering its goodness. To get pure raw milk of cows and buffalos delivered to your doorstep straight from the farms in pretty glass bottles visit MILK BAE Note: consume raw milk only after boiling.

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