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Tips for First Time Dalaman Flyers Travelling can be rough for first timers. There can be a lot of confusion regarding where a person should go when they should go how to get there and so on. There is no need to stress though. With these tips every first time flyer will feel like a professional before they get to their ticket counter. Hire transportation in advance If possible rent a car in Dalaman airport before getting there. The line for this single counter can be long and there’s no guarantee that something will be available. Companies that allow people to rent a car in Dalaman airport only have so many available. The people that get them first are the ones that have already scheduled their transportation. The next ones that will be able to rent a car in Dalaman airport are the ones that are first in line which more than likely are not going to be the first-time travellers. That means they may wind up not being able to rent a car in Dalaman airport at all. At the very least come up with a back-up plan if it’s not possible to rent a car in Dalaman airport to make sure that there is transportation. This may be hiring a taxi and then a person can rent a car after they get settled in at the hotel instead of at Dalaman airport. Either way transportation is a must. Look up the layout Every place is different. The gates and terminals will be in different spots. The security check will be different and the place to check in will be different. Because of that first time flyers are encouraged to look up the layout of the place before they leave the house. This will help them know where they are going when they get there or at least they will know where they can go for help if they get lost. Remember restricted items There are so many restricted items that a lot of people wind up taking at least one thing that they shouldn’t. Before packing check out a list of restricted items to make sure that nothing has to be left behind. Some common restricted items include:  Alcoholic beverages over 140 proof  Ammunition in carry on bags  Cream cheese should be less than 100 mL  There are special instructions for scissors The TSA has some great guidelines for passengers to follow. They also offer passengers the option to ask them questions about items through their social media accounts. Print out tickets at home If there is one thing that is stressful about travelling it’s trying to find something in a cramped place. The more lines a person can skip the better off they are. One of those lines is the ticket line to get the ticket. If a person orders their ticket over the phone or online they usually have to go through

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one line to get that ticket and then another line to check in. Skip the ticket line by ordering them online and printing them out at home. Call Ahead If anyone still feels nervous call ahead. Tell the operator that it’s the first time travelling and ask them where to go. These people are usually pretty helpful already know the layout and can give detailed directions about the entire process including things that a passenger may forget about like carry on rules. Travelling is how people see the world. It’s how friends and families stay connected. It’s the perfect way to relax and make memories with friends and family members. Instead of letting the stress of travelling ruin the moment follow these tips to feel like a professional when it’s time to leave. About Us: Milan Rent a Car strives for excellence in every area. The customer service agents are both friendly and knowledgeable. All vehicles are cleaned in between customers and properly maintained so that customers do not have to worry about their vehicle breaking down. A wide range of vehicles are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different sized groups. Milan Rent a Car also offers: unlimited mileage theft insurance included in the overall cost airport pick up free tire changes third party insurance and roadside assistance. At Milan Rent a Car travelling is easier and more convenient than ever before.

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