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World of Warcraft : 

World of Warcraft Private Server

Wana play? : 

Wana play? Hello, and welcome. If you want to be an admin and do whatever you want then play on my server unfourtanly hamachi but pm me for your account and i will give you all the information to play. must know commands and be cool.

Heres what the message should have : 

Heres what the message should have subject: wow private server desired Account name desired Account password why you want to be on my server and why i will like you on my server. this is a 3.0.3 server also what version of wow (wotlk,bc,normal)

How to patch that low. : 

How to patch that low. Go to (or click first link in the description) and install the game you have to do it in order. You do not have to have burning crusade or Wotlk but make sure you let me know.After you download this version of wow you will start at patch 3.0.1

Next step : 

Next step after you installed to perfered expansion you need to use the patches so go to (or 2nd link in description) and click one of the 3 patch download links. None of those worked for me but your computer may be differnt.

What worked for me : 

What worked for me (or 3rd link in description) worked for me you just click it then press run let it download then it takes you to blizzard updater. Do that till you get to 3.0.3 pm me if you have any question i will respond a.s.a.p. Have fun! :)

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