The Stigma of Botox WrinkleTreatments

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The Stigma of Botox Wrinkle Treatments Img src: ​cdn.shopify At Nu Image Medical Esthetics we treat over 100 Regina women with Botox wrinkle treatments every month. Still given the number of both women and men who would benefit from a Botox we wonder why more people aren’t signing up. Although it’s 2017 there is still a stigma associated with Botox.

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Maybe you’re 30-something and beginning to see signs of aging characterized by crow’s feet or a frown line that doesn’t disappear the way it used to. Maybe your nudging the 50-something age group and crow’s feet have set in with a vengeance framed by frown lines between your brows on your forehead and on both sides of your nose called bunny lines. Wrinkles are annoying. They remind us that we’re aging and losing that fresh-faced look characteristic of our twenties. What to do You read about Botox wrinkle treatments talk about it with your friends and get that Botox is a safe affordable mainstream cosmetic treatment. Still you can’t quite bring yourself to pick up the phone and book an appointment. And if your friends are getting Botox wrinkle treatments they’re not sharing their experience with you. ​Read More

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