5 Important Tips For International Trip With A1 Year Old Baby

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5 Important Tips For International Trip With A1 Year Old Baby


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5 Important Tips For International Trip With A 1 Year Old Baby:

5 Important Tips For International Trip With A 1 Year Old Baby

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Table of Contents Introduction Important tips to implement Passport Special authorization Family book International health card Vaccination card Travelling to London Conclusion


Introduction After several entries explaining what items and gadgets to carry and after proposing several things to put inside the kit, thinking about the children, today we will look at the necessary documentation when traveling with little children. Some documents are not usually used, at least not if we travel in national territory, but it is necessary to take them, just in case. If we travel abroad we will need to show more documentation. Also, this may vary depending on the country we travel or the means of transport we use. LET’s LOOK AT SOME IMPORTANT TIPS


Passport With the passport, children can travel to all European countries, as with the DNI, but also to the rest of the world. If you want to leave Europe, the DNI will be short and it will be necessary to make the passport for the children. Keep in mind that some countries, such as China, India and Egypt, ask for more documents in addition to the passport.


Passport For these countries, we must have a tourist visa, necessary both for the elderly and for the minors. To date there are no more countries with this requirement, although if we doubt this, we can always call the consulate of the country of destination to ask what documentation will be requested upon arrival.

Special authorization:

Special authorization If we, the parents, travel with the children, and carry their passports, there is no reason to have any problem. However, if those who are going to travel are grandparents or another relative or friend without our presence, the children will require an authorization signed by us.

Special authorization:

Special authorization It is a document that is obtained in police stations, in the posts of the Civil Guard, the courts and notaries. This authorization may be necessary if the parents are divorced and will travel only with one of them. It may also be necessary in some countries if children do not have a passport (but ID).

Family Book:

Family Book It is not necessary to travel, but it does not hurt. It does not serve as an identification document because it does not carry photographs. However, if we carry the DNIs or passports, the family book will serve as further proof that we are the parents of the children and that we have custody and parental authority.

International Health Card:

International Health Card If we travel in national territory we will have to take the health cards of our children. It is the official document that shows that we are affiliated with social security. If we are going to travel to a European country, we must get the European health card.

International Health Card:

International Health Card It is valid for one year and can be easily processed both online and in the Social Security offices. At an international level (outside Europe), it is advisable to take out medical insurance from the country of origin for the days that we are going to be in the country of destination. That way we'll be covered by what might happen.

Vaccination Card:

Vaccination Card There are some countries that you cannot travel to if you are not vaccinated for certain diseases. For this reason, before going, we must vaccinate our children, leaving everything written down in the vaccination cards of each one.

Vaccination Card:

Vaccination Card To enter these countries, we must show that we have been vaccinated, so we must take the cards with us. In case of traveling abroad, it is ideal to contact the nearest International Vaccination Centre so that they can explain what vaccines we need.

Travelling to London:

Travelling to London If you are visiting London with your wife and little baby, you can always book your taxi in advance by calling London city airport taxis any time . These London cabs have baby seats too! These services will greatly facilitate you and help you tour London.


Conclusion Although with the DNI the children can travel to many parts, the most recommendable thing is, taking advantage of the visit to the National Police to do it, to also make the passport. With it we can travel to more places and it serves as identification document equally.

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