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Utah senate bill 64: public education employment reform :

Utah senate bill 64: public education employment reform Topic Brief Multimedia Presentation By: Michael Sorensen Southern Utah University EDUC 6740

Utah State Senator Aaron Osmond:

In 2012 Senator Osmond introduced and passed a new piece of legislation regarding the employment of Utah’s public educators, SB 64. Senator Osmond sought help from the Utah State Board of Education, the UEA, and Utah School Board Association. Utah State Senator Aaron Osmond

What is Utah SB 64?:

What is Utah SB 64? Administrator accountability will be increased. Beginning in 2014-15 administrators will be evaluated in 4 categories. Establishes annual evaluations for all employees, semi-annual for provisional employees. New Performance Categories. Levels 1-4, 1 being the lowest. Annual Report of Evaluation 120-Day Timeline for Remediation Termination for Repeat Poor Performance Performance tied to Increases. -Information courtesy of Senator Aaron Osmond’s Blog

How are people reacting to this bill?:

How are people reacting to this bill? or type in Utah SB 64 in a YouTube search to watch the three minute video. Courtesy of UEA and YouTube

What does this mean to teachers and administrators?:

What does this mean to teachers and administrators? Puts into law the fact that underperforming teachers who do not meet standards laid out in the evaluations can be terminated or their contract not renewed. DOES NOT take away employees right to due process, therefore they can go through the process of appealing their situation. Underperforming teachers can longer be protected by the teachers unions, because teacher unions signed on to the bill. 120 day remediation process, which streamlines the process of putting quality educators in classrooms.

Teacher Evaluations :

Teacher Evaluations Teacher evaluations are not new, but are becoming more and more the standard in education across the country. Tied to making sure student’s are getting the best education they can while in the classroom. Should be looked upon as a way to get better, not a pressure put upon teachers by judgmental administrators. SB 64 is a collaborative effort to help improve classroom teaching.

Why is SB 64 important?:

Why is SB 64 important? Plain and simple, it does what is best for students. Administrators want the best teaching for all students. This bill allows administrators to more quickly assist teachers in the remediation process. Makes clear what the expectations are for both administrators and teachers so all are on the “same page” when it comes to understanding what is expected. Heightens level of accountability for teachers and administrators.

SB 64; Educations next fad or miracle?:

SB 64; Educations next fad or miracle? Not a miracle bill, but core objective is to increase levels of teaching for the students!! Principals don’t want to fire, they want to help their teachers. Ultimately does what is best for students by improving the quality of teaching in the classroom. Will only be helpful if it is implemented on a school level across the state.

In the end, it should be about the kids.:

In the end, it should be about the kids. Principals have to make hard decisions, but if the focus on is students it won’t be that hard. If we want students to succeed, we will look at ourselves and adjust to make that happen. Teaching is hard, but teachers teach because of the rewards of helping kids. Seeking to improve daily and if removing an ineffective teacher improves the classroom, then SB 64 helps that process to be less of a hassle than it has been in the past.

Summing it all up!:

Summing it all up! “For a third grader sitting in a classroom trying to comprehend fractions, the ability of her teacher to help her understand this mathematical idea is vitally important. Without knowing this core concept the student may never be able to succeed in future math classes and beyond. The more we study teaching, the more apparent it is that excellent teaching is likely to lead to learning. In sum, this student’s future is school may depend on the skill of the teacher in her classroom today” Brown & Demonte

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