Pi & Pitaya in the shack RSGB Convention 2016


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Introduction to a a range of projects for the Raspberry Pi and Red Pitaya


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Pi and Pitaya in the Shack :

Pi and Pitaya in the Shack Mike Richards – G4WNC


Introduction Two very different development boards Both designed to promote computer science Raspberry Pi computing orientated Red Pitaya RF and measurement orientated Run through some applications Tomorrow’s workshop adds demonstrations.

Pi in the Shack:

Pi in the Shack Mike Richards G4WNC

What’s in a Pi?:

What’s in a Pi? Powerful processor 4 x 64-bit cores in the Pi 3 Runs at up to 1.2GHz 1GB RAM Dedicated graphics processor Can handle full HD video SD or microSD card as the hard drive Can easily swap operating systems 26 or 40 GPIO pins 3.3v – need buffers Camera and serial display connectors

What use is a Pi:

What use is a Pi Development platform All major programing languages available for free Lots of support available via the Web Forums Google search Pre-written and tested code libraries Data modes PC FLDIGI – all modes WSJT-X development version 1.7 Packet, iGate , APRS D-STAR

What use is a Pi? Contd ….:

What use is a Pi? Contd …. LibreOffice Opens all MS Office documents Security Camera motioneyeOS Detects movement and stores on device or network Nature watch PiZero + Pi camera + large SD and phone power pack DVB-T dongle server Use DiY Power over Ethernet

Raspberry Pi Models:

Raspberry Pi Models Model B 900MHz processor, 2 x USB, Ethernet, 512MB RAM SD card slot, 26 pin GPIO Model A Cheaper for education, 1 x USB, no Ethernet + Series 40-pin GPIO, efficient PSU, even-spaced mountings 4 x USB for Model B+, Smaller PCB for Model A+ A+=£25 B+=£29

Raspberry Pi models contd…:

Raspberry Pi models contd … Pi 2 Model B Same footprint as B+, 900MHz quad core processor, 1GB RAM - £35 Pi Zero New small model 1GHz single core processor, 512MB RAM, 1 micro USB, micro HDMI - £4! Pi 3 Model B Same footprint, 1.2GHz quad core 64-bit processor, 1GB RAM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth - £36

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen 7” Display:

Raspberry Pi Touchscreen 7” Display Long wait but it’s here! 800 x 480 pixel resolution 10-finger capacitive touch Uses the Pi’s DSI connector – GPIO untouched Wide viewing angle Touch controller for the shack Compact data-modes terminal.

Linux Releases:

Linux Releases Linux kernel Debian Ubuntu Linux distributions Linux Mint Fedora Raspberry Pi Raspbian Wheezy Jessie Toy Story - Penguin Toy Story – Cow Girl Raspbian

Raspbian Jessie – What’s changed:

Raspbian Jessie – What’s changed Now boots to desktop without having to complete raspi-config Configuration is now accessed via Preferences menu Eject button added for USB devices LibreOffice and Claws email is included as standard Print Screen now puts a screenshot in your Home directory New PIXEL desktop

Connecting-up – Stand-Alone:

Connecting-up – Stand-Alone Ethernet Wi-Fi Operating system Monitor Perexx 707 Plus Wireless keyboard And mouse HDMI PSU X

Connecting-up – Headless:

Connecting-up – Headless Wi-Fi or Ethernet Operating system PSU SSH (Secure Shell) VNC (Virtual Network Computing) SSH provides command line access VNC provides desktop access New OS includes RealVNC X

Headless Setup:

Headless Setup Need Pi IP Address Use Fing for Android or Advanced IP Scanner for PC Or connect screen and mouse and hover over network Command line access: SSH is enabled by default in later OS downloads Need terminal software on your PC for command line PuTTY is good and free Desktop access: Enable RealVNC in Pi and get VNCviewer for PC or Java enabled Browser X

Pi Projects:

Pi Projects

Shack Projects – Data with FLDIGI:

Shack Projects – Data with FLDIGI Operate in Stand-Alone mode Add USB sound card (Daffodil US01 or Vention - £5 Amazon) Use HDMI TV or 7” touchscreen Use VOX switching or CAT on your Tx Add level adjustment pot in transmit audio X

FLDIGI on Pi Touchscreen:

FLDIGI on Pi Touchscreen

RTL Dongle Server:

RTL Dongle Server Works with RTL2832 based digital TV dongles Mount the dongle and Pi remotely Minimise feeder loss Power-over Ethernet Automated start-up using rc.local Provides up to 2MHz IQ b/w No longer freezes X


Antenna PC with SDR Sharp software Ethernet + Power Passive PoE Streamed IQ Data RTL Dongle Server Power supply

Security/Wildlife Camera:

Security/Wildlife Camera Based on motioneyeOS Self-contained OS and motion monitor Simple browser interface Raspberry Pi Camera module or webcam Captures movement at typ. 2 frames/second Store images on SD or network attached storage. Can preview from phone/tablet/laptop ZeroView pcb X

ZeroView - PiHut:

ZeroView - PiHut

Passive PoE:

Passive PoE 100Mb/s Ethernet uses 2 pairs Cat 5 cable has 4 pairs – two available for other use Bunch the wires of each pair – doubles current capacity Standard Cat5E can handle 600mA, bunched = 1.2A Passive PoE injector/splitter cables about £5-£10

DIY Passive PoE:

DIY Passive PoE CAT5E – Passive PoE wiring Orange & green pairs = data Blue pair = + ve Brown pair = - ve Minimise current by applying 12V DC and using efficient switching regulators to derive 5V for Pi Murata OKI-78SR regulator 90% efficiency at 12V in and 5V out at 1.5A Use over-current protection on the PoE feed (PTC, etc )

Raspberry Pi Passive PoE:

Raspberry Pi Passive PoE

Shack Projects WSPR Beacon:

Shack Projects WSPR Beacon Uses Pi FM to generate RF directly at GPIO 4 Square-wave output so external filtering required Delivers about 10mW into 50 Ω RF filter to complete Details here: https://github.com/JamesP6000/WsprryPi X


Packet/APRS DireWolf software + USB soundcard = TNC Cheap iGate by combining with Beofeng radio Add XASTIR for APRS mapping and messaging

Shack Projects Mains Switching:

Shack Projects Mains Switching Energenie Pi-Mote - free Python library Raspberry Pi GPIO plug-in RF switched mains sockets Starter kit: Pi-Mote board and 2 x sockets

Doing More:

Doing More Pi with touchscreen could be used as the control hub for your shack Antenna switching Rotator Power/ swr monitoring Rig Control

Tools to help:

Tools to help Python programming Lots of free tutorials Well developed free code libraries New GPIO library GPIO Zero Simplifies turning GPIO pins on/off Available: http://pythonhosted.org/gpiozero/ Kivy Python library for multi-touch applications Special image available for the Pi http://kivypie.mitako.eu/ Amazon Alexa – voice control

Kivy continued…:

Kivy continued…

Tools to help Blynk:

Tools to help Blynk Operate your Pi from anywhere with your mobile Minimal programming Ready made examples to modify

Practical demonstrations:

Practical demonstrations Sunday afternoon – please drop-in for a chat/demo

Red Pitaya:

Red Pitaya

Red Pitaya:

Red Pitaya 2 channel 14-bit 125MSPS Analogue to Digital Converter ADC 2 Channel 14-bit 125MSPS Digital to Analogue converter DAC Field Programmable Gate Array MicroSD card for OS Ethernet port GPIO ports

Red Pitaya potential:

Red Pitaya potential Intended as development board and test equipment replacement Comfortably capture and generate RF in 0-60MHz range FPGA – decimate/down sample ADC output Xilinx Zynq 7010 SoC – provides processing power GPIO ports

Red Pitaya:

Red Pitaya Original price too high £400+ House software – fragile Now available at just under £200 High Quality software from one developer – Pavel Demin .

Red Pitaya:

Red Pitaya HPSDR Transceiver 1 Tx channel 0-61.44MHz 2 Rx channels 48ksps to 384ksps HPSDR Transceiver – wideband receiver 1 Tx channel 0-61.44MHz 1 Rx channel 2.5MSPS HPSDR 6 channel receiver 0 – 61.44MHz Multiband WSPR transceiver 8 simultaneous Rx channels Vector Network Analyser 0-61.44MHz

Red Pitaya – Practical tips:

Red Pitaya – Practical tips Inputs are high Z oscilloscope type Need to terminate with 50R Outputs have some odd resonances Buffer with 10dB attenator Need a measurement fixture for VNA Resistive shunt is simplest and is good for 50R antennas Reflectance bridge

Demos (fingers crossed):

Demos (fingers crossed)


Questions? Pre-configured SD cards available from: g4wnc.com

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