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An introduction to using amateur radio data modes. First presented by Mike Richards at the RSGB convention in October 2015


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Data Modes Made Easy:

Data Modes Made Easy Mike Richards G4WNC

The Menu:

The Menu Data Modes - Why? Data Modes Basics Connections Operating Other Modes Summary & Questions 2

Data Modes - Why?:

Data Modes - Why? Self Education A new dimension to your radio operating Efficient use of spectrum Silent operating Great for QRP and DX It’s usually free! 3

Data Modes Basics – Serial data:

A UNICODE(ASCII) 65 Keyboard 0 0 1 0 0 0 0 1 128 64 32 16 8 4 2 1 Serial data 0 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 Data Modes Basics – Serial data 4 2125Hz 2295Hz

Data Modes Basics – Modulation Systems:

Data Modes Basics – Modulation Systems Data modes are computer generated Output from the PC is audio tones SSB rig used to simulate FSK, PSK, etc. 1kHz tone into USB rig = carrier freq + 1kHz Very simple interface to rig Can be just audio in and out 5

Data Modes Connections:

Data Modes Connections Any rig with SSB will do Computer Windows PC is the simplest route Linux PC, Mac, Raspberry Pi, Smartphone/tablet Interface to link the Rig and PC Carry Tx and Rx audio Provide level adjustment Transmit switching 6

Data Modes Connections:

Data Modes Connections One interface for all modes Worth getting it right Just change software for new modes Basic requirements Computer line-out goes to Rig mic in Rig audio out to Computer line-in Can use external speaker but line-out is best PTT switching PC serial port to rig PTT, CAT or use VOX 7

Data Modes Connections:

Data Modes Connections 8 Rig PC Line/ spkr out Mic In PTT Basic set-up Rx level Tx level Rig PC Level controls added Line-in Line-out Serial port

Data Modes Connections:

Data Modes Connections 9 Advanced Interface PC AF OUT AF IN Isolation Level Buffer CAT MIC LINE OUT RIG SERIAL PORT Level Buffer Isolation Opto isolator

Data Modes Connections Mobile Phone/Tablet:

Data Modes Connections Mobile Phone/Tablet 10 Custom lead With 4-pole jack Tx and Rx combined Rig Tablet or Phone Rig Tablet or Phone Bluetooth adapter Home-Brew Option with Microchip RN52

Data Modes – What Mode?:

Data Modes – What Mode? PSK-31 Custom designed for keyboard QSOs Narrow bandwidth - just 31Hz Entire 20m activity in one SSB speech channel! Perfect for normal typing speeds No error correction – keeps it simple Type in lower case Most popular mode Also, faster PSK-63 and PSK-125 11

Data Modes – What Mode?:

Data Modes – What Mode? RTTY Still survives! Fast and Simple Used extensively in contests 20m good starting band 12

Data Modes – What Software?:

Data Modes – What Software? Free Software FLDIGI MMVARI MultiPSK Win Warbler Weak Signal WSPR, WSJTX, JT65HF 13

Data Modes – Operating Tips:

Data Modes – Operating Tips Listen first Start with PSK-31 – always activity on 20m Use low power – 5 watts is often plenty Watch your modulation Keep to the band plans Use short CQ calls 14

Data Modes – Operating Tips - Macros:

Data Modes – Operating Tips - Macros Answer CQ g4wnc g4wnc g4wnc kn Changeover Their call de g4wnc Report & Station Details RST - locator name – town, etc rig – power - antenna 15

Data Modes – Operating Tips - Macros:

Data Modes – Operating Tips - Macros 16

Other Modes:

Other Modes WSPR Propagation reporter WSJT-X Suite of specialist weak signals modes JT65-HF popular Fast Simple QSO New robust QSO mode 7th October 2015 Mike Richards – Data Modes Made Easy (RSGB 2015) 17


Questions Have a go – it’s fun Any Questions? Slides and Raspberry Pi cards on the web: 18

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