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1000 AD

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Copernicus Galileo

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Columbus Genoa, Italy

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And now… The adventure continues !

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1585..  Roanoke, VA, first English colony, first white baby in America (Virginia Dare).

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1588.. The Spanish Armada is defeated by England and the weather. 1590..  Roanoke, VA, the "lost" colony disappears.

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1607..  105 London Company sponsored settlers arrive in Jamestown, Virginia from England. The first permanent colony, was motivated by economic reasons.

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1614..  Pochahontas married John Rolfe.

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1618.. Thirty Years War begins in Europe. Civil war in Germany spreads to become a European War. Protestants against Catholics. French against the Spanish. Netherlands against the Spanish. What a mess. Many parts of Germany and central Europe devastated by years of conflict.

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1622.. Indian massacre of 300 plus settlers in Virginia

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1626..  The Dutch buy Manhattan Island for $24, a presence is established, but no large settlements.

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1638..  Anne Hutchinson is driven from Massachusetts Bay. She and her followers go to Rhode Island to join the Roger Williams followers there. She and her family are later killed in New York by Indians

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1640..  There are now an estimated 5,700 people in the American Colonies. 1642..  Isaac Newton, physicist, is born. 1650..  There are now an estimated 40,000 people in the American Colonies. 1665.. The Bubonic Plague, or Black Death, strikes London. 70,000 die. 1664.. The British take control of all of New York... the Dutch are out of America, politically. Dutch settlers stay in the area, under British control.

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1675-76.. King Philip's War  resulted in attacks on 52 of the 90 towns existing in Puritan New England and the leveling of 13 of them. 600 settlers were killed. Metacomet was the Wampanoag son of Massasoit, known by the English as King Philip. He protested the Puritan policies against the Indians, claiming they were destroying Indian life. The English soon subdued the Indians, and Metacomet was executed, his wife and son sold into slavery.

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1692.. The village of Salem, Massachusetts gets caught up in a public hysteria over witches and witchcraft

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1714.. King George I becomes King of England. He rules for 13 years, till 1727. 1727.. King George II becomes King of England. He sits on the crown for 33 years.

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1744...  Benjamin Franklin invents the Franklin "pot-belly" stove

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1753.. Twenty-one year old George Washington delivers a message to the French, to leave the area south of Lake Erie. They politely tell him his request was refused and he was invited to leave. 1754.. The English start building Fort Duquesne (present day Pittsburgh). The French take the fort before it is finished. Virginia responded by sending George Washington to take it back. He was soundly defeated and surrendered to the French at Fort Necessity, south of Fort Duquesne. 1754.. The French and Indian War, also known as the Seven Years War, begins in the colonies, pitting the French, with Indian Allies, against the English to control New England. 1755.. Benjamin Franklin proposes the Colonies unite in the French and Indian War. His proposal is soundly rejected. The colonies don't want to give each other's autonomy. 1763.. The French and Indian War Ends.  The French have finally been defeated and driven out of North America, after 100 years of conflict. They give up rights to lands they occupied in Canada and the upper Mississippi River Valley. They will exact their revenge by helping the fledgling colonies during their revolution from Britain twelve years later.

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