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history of jerusalem for christians and for jews, holy sites in jerusalem guide


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Jerusalem History and More Jerusalem is probably the most compelling and fascinating cities in the entire world. Its streets are tiled with a million stories of the struggles of humanity its walls have witnessed all of the love and pain of humankind as part of his crusade for peace and prosperity its stones have watched many thousands of dramas and crusades and continue to fascinate us with their array of colors. Jerusalem stone Jerusalem stone could be a tawny yellow or faded pink brunette terracotta or light beige. The entire landscape in Jerusalem and its surrounding hills is one unit of solid bedrock which has a thin layer of shrubbery or scrub also it provided the structure of building blocks for the ancient city thousands of years ago as it does today. To hold a Christian gift of a piece of Jerusalem stone in your hand is to hold a part of the ancient city itself albeit a small part.

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Christianity Judaism and Islam alone together hold Jerusalem saintly and countless thousands of novels and legends abound within the history of the Old City rich with art design and holy ritual. The divine monuments of Jerusalem are shaped from Jerusalem stone and the same stone can be delivered as a gift to mark anniversaries holidays religious occasions and religious festivals. Jerusalem The foundation Of Christianity Jerusalem has been the foundation of the Christian and the Jewish faith and the home of the first and second temples both of which were located on the Temple Mount. While the first temple was destroyed the second temples Western Wall remained contested. Located just 20 minutes away by car from most Jerusalem resorts the Western Wall is an unforgettable spiritual experience. When youre reaching close to the wall youll be surprised by its pure magnificence and beauty. Youll notice its crevices stuffed with hundreds of pieces of paper of hand-written prayers and requests. Besides that Jerusalem is significant to Christianity as millions of Christian pilgrims have walked the pathway of the Via Dolorosa. In fact during Easter and Christmas Jerusalem hotels are packed to capacity. Often named the "Way of Suffering" the Via Dolorosa is considered to be the holiest

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Christian street in the world - Jesus had made his way through this same cobblestone street on the way to his crucifixion. A gift of Jerusalem Stone allows the giver and the receiver to share a unique connection with the Holy Land. A Christian gift of The Jerusalem Stone is both meaningful for the holiday season and appropriate in that it is inexpensive authentic and beautiful. The stones come in beautifully presented gift packs some only rocks and some in gift packs of two to share or to give away as a pair. Artisans in Jerusalem have carved each stone and as such each stone is unique with no two alike each with its personality and color. This year abandon the bargain basement for once and try giving a Christian gift that means a little more than a penny saved - The Jerusalem Stone comes in a variety of gift ideas ideal to celebrate the holiday season. The Secret is in its Stones The City of Jerusalem has been using this Jerusalem Stone for the past 3000 years. In fact it is still obligated as part of the citys ordinance that all its houses be coated in Jerusalem Stone. Each stone originates from the Hills of Jerusalem just like they did in ancient times and are hand-cut and shaped one at a time by an artisan from the Holy City itself. Jerusalem Jewelry after reading this it is not too difficult to understand why such a city which is considered to be the most magnificent city in the world will be depicted in jewelry pieces. One of the most famous forms of Jerusalem jewelry is Kotel jewelry. Those are pieces which are decorating with the stones from the Western Wall. They can be found mainly in tawny or silver jewelry pieces including gold name pendants rings tallit clips and even cufflinks.

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Another incredible form of Jerusalem Jewelry is Messianic pendants. These are all pendants shaped matching different symbols in Judaism such as Star of David and Hamsa. When joined with a Jerusalem decoration they are truly magnificent bursting with deep meaning. To make them completely stunning some of these pendants decorated with aged authentic Roman Glass. It certainly doesnt get any better than this. The Roman Glass is an ancient glass from the period of the second temple and when mixed with Jerusalem it is beyond beautiful Each person who wants to feel close to the holy city should have one of these beautiful pieces. It reminds one of what is important in life and what we strive for. Also these pieces could be excellent for Bat Mitzvah gift. What a better gift to give a young girl entering the adult Jewish life than a gorgeous jewel decorated with Jerusalem the city where all hearts turn to in hope and prayer. After all the conclusion is simple. If youre looking for a jewel which is not only beautiful yet meaningful as well Jewelry from Jerusalem is the perfect choice for you.

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