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This presentation attempts to generically examine the issues involved with deciding cloud versus cluster. Every case will be different, it tries to examine factors, architecture options, data scaling and make the point that end of life costs should be added to the decision. Links for further information and connecting


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Cloud Versus Cluster:

Cloud Versus Cluster When creating distributed systems How do you decide cloud versus physical cluster ? Or a hybrid system ? What factors need to be considered ? What open source systems might be used ?

Cloud Versus Cluster - Factors:

Cloud Versus Cluster - Factors How do you decide cloud versus cluster ? What factors need to be considered ? Cost Security Data volumes / velocity Data peak / scaling Other ?

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs What Costs do you need to consider ? For public cloud For private cluster For hybrid Are there tax implications ? Are there costs benefits due to location ? What about about end of life for your systems ? Moving data Mothballing systems Any vendor lock in ?

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs - Cluster:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs - Cluster What are the costs / issues for a physical cluster ? Hardware Hardware failures Energy + rental / location costs Personnel End of life costs Data transmission Networking Tax and tax benefits Other ?

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs - Cloud:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Costs - Cloud What are the costs / issues for a cloud based cluster ? Depends on type used .. i.e. IaaS Depends on data volumes Consider data transmission Personnel – some but less than cluster End of life costs – Important ! Costs to move data !! Vendor lockin Tax and tax benefits Other ?

Cloud Versus Cluster – Security:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Security How important is security to you ? Is your public cloud secure ? Can you guarantee that ? Perhaps consider a private cloud Or a hybrid public private cloud ? How resilient / available is the resource ?

Cloud Versus Cluster – Data Volumes:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Data Volumes The next two slides consider data volumes What about resource scaling ? Especially for the internet of things ( IoT ) Potentially expect large demand peaks Need to scale up as well as down Also, scaling needs to follow resource demand Dont want to be over scaled Dont want to be under scaled

Peak Data Demand:

Peak Data Demand The diagram below expresses the idea that Periodic demand can be many times average ( i.e. IoT ) This places pressure on the software stack for Queueing, processing, storage

Project Resource Allocation Over Time:

Project Resource Allocation Over Time The diagram below expresses the idea that Resource supply to a project will not meet demand exactly There will be under and over supply Unused or unavailable resources waste money

Cloud Versus Cluster – Architecture:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Architecture What open sourced systems might be used ? Mesos will help with Resource sharing and management Brooklyn will help with Deployment modelling / monitoring Will allow multiple cloud deploys Cloud Stack will help with Cloud creation / virtualisation See other presentations here ..

Cloud Versus Cluster – Summary:

Cloud Versus Cluster – Summary Decide what factors are important to you i.e. Is security more important than cost ? Does IoT mean that auto scaling is required ? Consider how you will deploy to cloud / cluster Consider end of life Create a cost model at start of project To consider all cost factors To justify your decision Because every project instance will differ !

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