An introduction to Apache Tinkerpop


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A introduction to Apache Tinkerpop, what does it do and what is it used for ? How does it work ?


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Apache Tinkerpop:

Apache Tinkerpop What is Tinkerpop ? What can it do ? Why am I interested ? Uses Gremlin Implementations Define Graphs Traverse Graphs Architecture Books

Tinkerpop – What is it ?:

Tinkerpop – What is it ? A Graph storage and processing system Currently under Apache incubation ( 2015 ) Sub system for graph based apps i.e. Titan Has Tinkerpop3 Structure API Graph, Element, Property Has Tinkerpop3 Process API TraversalSource, GraphComputer

Tinkerpop – What can it do ?:

Tinkerpop – What can it do ? See Graph based processing for graph based systems Has graph interaction via OLTP ( online transaction processing ) OLAP ( online analytical processing ) Has GraphComputer for vertex programming Gremlin server access by Gremlin console REST API Java

Tinkerpop – Why am I interested ?:

Tinkerpop – Why am I interested ? Apache Titan will use Tinkerpop For graph storage and processing Titan 0.9x should be Apache Spark Enabled Means that hopefully ( perhaps soon ? ) Titan can be used for graph storage With Apache Spark graphX Means Graph storage Hbase / Cassandra Plus Graph processing All graph based at big data range

Tinkerpop – Uses Gremlin:

Tinkerpop – Uses Gremlin Tinkerpop3 uses the Gremlin groovy language for For Graph Mutation For Graph Traversal Gremlin is a graph based language Provides Gremlin Server for Metrics i.e. Graphite Monitoring – i.e. Ganglia

Tinkerpop – Implementations ?:

Tinkerpop – Implementations ? Which systems have used Tinkerpop ? Elastic-gremlin Hadoop (Giraph) Apache Spark Sqlg Tinkergraph Titan

Tinkerpop – Define Graphs:

Tinkerpop – Define Graphs

Tinkerpop – Traverse Graphs:

Tinkerpop – Traverse Graphs

Tinkerpop – Architecture:

Tinkerpop – Architecture

Available Books:

Available Books See our Hadoop book from Apress / Springer “Big Data Made Easy” Look out for our Apache Spark based book from Packt in 2015

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