An introduction to Apache Spark MLlib


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A introduction to Apache Spark MLlib, what is it and how does it work ? What can it do ?


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Apache Spark MLlib:

Apache Spark MLlib What is Apache Spark ? What is MLlib ? Functionality Dependencies Books Eco-system

Spark – What is it ?:

Spark – What is it ? Alternative to Map Reduce for certain applications A low latency cluster computing system For very large data sets May be 100 times faster than Map Reduce Used with Hadoop / HDFS Uses in memory cluster computing Memory access faster than disk access Has API's written in Scala / Java / Python

Spark MLlib – What is it ?:

Spark MLlib – What is it ? Spark Machine Learning Library Provided with Spark Install Code in Scala / Java / Python Contain libraries Spark.mllib ( V1.2 ) Provides common functionality classification, regression, clustering collaborative filtering, dimensionality reduction

Spark MLlib – Functionality:

Spark MLlib – Functionality Basic Stats Classification and regression Collaborative Filtering Clustering Dimensionality reduction Feature extraction and transformation Optimization

Spark MLlib – Dependencies:

Spark MLlib – Dependencies NumPy for Python Breeze ( linear algebra ) Netlib-java Jblas Gfortran runtime library

Available Books:

Available Books See our Hadoop book from Apress / Springer “Big Data Made Easy” Look out for our Apache Spark based book from Packt in 2015

Spark Eco system:

Spark Eco system

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