An introduction to Apache Mesos


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A short introduction to Apache Mesos, how does it help with cluster sharing and utilisation. What are its aims and who is using it ?


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Apache Mesos:

Apache Mesos What is it ? Beyond Hadoop Resource Sharing Mesos Intentions Architecture Users

Apache Mesos – What is it ?:

Apache Mesos – What is it ? A cluster manager Provides resource isolation / sharing Run distributed systems on the same pool of nodes Hadoop, Spark, Storm, Jenkins, K ... Cluster monitoring via web UI Tasks isolated via Linux Containers Scalable – 10k's Written in C++ C++/Java/Python API's for new app dev

Apache Mesos – What is it ?:

Apache Mesos – What is it ? Its fault tolerant Leader election via Zoo Keeper Multi platform Linux , OSX , Open Solaris It is now a full Apache project A Master / Slave based system

Apache Mesos – Beyond Hadoop:

Apache Mesos – Beyond Hadoop What requirements are there beyond Hadoop ? Cluster sharing / multi tenancy Higher resource utilization Faster response times Resource sharing A wider range of functionality More out of the box functionality Graphical Cluster monitoring Graphical drag and drop cluster manipulation

Apache Mesos – Resource Sharing:

Apache Mesos – Resource Sharing

Apache Mesos – Intentions:

Apache Mesos – Intentions Avoid multiple specialised clusters Avoid the need for “silo'ed” clusters Avoid the lower utilization that this brings Offer the ability for multi tenancy Which offers Lower hardware / maintenance costs Higher utilisation Scalability Higher fault tolerance Program for the Data Center

Apache Mesos – Architecture:

Apache Mesos – Architecture

Apache Mesos – Users:

Apache Mesos – Users Companies using Mesos Air bnb Cloud Physics HubSpot Shopify Twitter Vimeo Among many others

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