An introduction to Apache Cordova


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A short introduction to Apache Cordova, what is it and how can it help us to develop platform independant mobile applications ?


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Apache Cordova:

Apache Cordova What is it ? Platforms Development Architecture Plugins History

Apache Cordova – What is it ?:

Apache Cordova – What is it ? A mobile development framework Cross platform development Uses HTML, CSS, Javascript Implement applications as web pages Access native functionality via Javascript API's Released via Apache V2 License

Apache Cordova – Platforms:

Apache Cordova – Platforms Apache Cordova is available for Amazon fireos Android Blackberry 10 Firefox OS IOS Ubuntu Windows Phone 7 Windows Phone 8 Windows 8 Tizen

Apache Cordova – Development:

Apache Cordova – Development Version 3 of Cordova offers two workflows Web Project Multi Platform Minimal redevelopment Minimal platform specific development Uses Cordova CLI for abstraction Native Platform Single platform Native development Difficult to make multi platform Need to use Plugman for each platform

Apache Cordova – History:

Apache Cordova – History What is Apache Cordova's history ? Developed as PhoneGap Adobe purchase Nitobi – Oct 2011 PhoneGap given to Apache Renamed Cordoba

Apache Cordova – Pros and Cons:

Apache Cordova – Pros and Cons What are Cordova's Benefits ? Develop once Multi platform compatible Port web apps to mobile Access native functionality via API's What is the possible down side Lost / inaccessible native features Less rich UI style

Apache Cordova – Plugins:

Apache Cordova – Plugins What Plugins are available for Apache Cordova ? Battery Geolocation Camera Globalisation Console In App Browser Contacts Media Device Media Capture Device Motion Network Information Device Orientation Splash Screen Dialogs Vibration File File Transfer

Apache Cordova – Architecture:

Apache Cordova – Architecture

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