An introduction to Apache S4


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A short introduction to Apache S4, what is it and what is it used for ? What is its architecture ? Why was there a need to develop it ?


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Apache S4:

Apache S4 What is it ? Building Blocks Characteristics Architecture Why was it needed ?

Apache S4 – What is it ?:

Apache S4 – What is it ? S4 = SSSS S imple S calable S treaming S ystem For data processing Aims to hide processing complexity A platform for data processing development Distributed Scalable Fault Tolerant High performance

Apache S4 – What is it ?:

Apache S4 – What is it ? It is modular Written in Java Currently in the Apache incubator Offers plug-ins For complex data stream processing Production deployment at Yahoo

Apache S4 – Building Blocks:

Apache S4 – Building Blocks What are the S4 building blocks ? Message queues Processors Serializer Checkpointing backend Plus A simple API

Apache S4 – Characteristics:

Apache S4 – Characteristics Cluster management uses Zoo Keeper Symmetric nodes No centralization No single point of failure No limit on nodes Throughput increases linearly Fault tolerant failover to standby server

Apache S4 – Architecture:

Apache S4 – Architecture

Apache S4 – Why was in needed ? :

Apache S4 – Why was in needed ?

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