An introduction to Apache Bigtop

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A short introduction to Apache Bigtop, what is it and what can it be used for ? How can it be used to test and deploy the Hadoop stack ?


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Apache Bigtop:

Apache Bigtop What is it ? What is it for ? Automated Testing Platforms Dependencies

Apache Bigtop – What is it ?:

Apache Bigtop – What is it ? For testing Hadoop and related tools For test development Uses Jenkins continuous integration Based on Cloudera's CDH BigTop for Hadoop is equivalent to a Linux release i.e. Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS Use it for deploying the Hadoop stack Guarantees version inter-operability within the stack

Apache Bigtop – What is it for ?:

Apache Bigtop – What is it for ? It is for testing Hadoop at a number of levels Packaging Platform Runtime Upgrades Integration testing Validation !

Automation Methodology – An Example:

Automation Methodology – An Example

Apache Bigtop – Platforms:

Apache Bigtop – Platforms Platforms supported Ubuntu 10.10 CentOS 5/6 Fedora 18 Mageia 1 openSUSE 12.2

Apache Bigtop – Dependencies:

Apache Bigtop – Dependencies The following tools are required Java JDK 1.6 Apache Ant Apache Maven wget tar git subversion gcc gcc-c++ make fuse protobuf-compiler autoconf automake libtool sharutils asciidoc xmlto

Apache Bigtop – The Players:

Apache Bigtop – The Players Who has bought into the use of Bigtop ? Canonical Cloudera Ebay EMC Hortonworks Illumos Intel Trendmicro WANdisco

Light Humour:

Light Humour A bit of humour ........

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