An Introduction to Apache Hadoop Yarn


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An Introduction to Apache Hadoop Yarn, what is it and why is it important ? What does it improve in Apache Hadoop ?


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Apache Hadoop Yarn:

Apache Hadoop Yarn What is Yarn Problems with Hadoop What does Yarn Do ? Old Architecture New Architecture Yarn Example Additions

Hadoop Yarn – What is it ?:

Hadoop Yarn – What is it ? Next Generation MapReduce MRv2 Split Job Tracker into Resource Manager Scheduling / Monitoring Improves scaling Improves resource management Already used by Yahoo

Problems with Hadoop 1.0:

Problems with Hadoop 1.0 Problems with large scaling > 4000 nodes > 40k concurrent tasks Problems with resource utilization Slots only for Map or Reduce Single NameNode, single point of failure Clients and Cluster must be at same version

What does Yarn do ?:

What does Yarn do ? Provides a cluster level resource manager Adds application level resource management Provides slots for jobs other than Map / Reduce Improves resource utilization

Old Architecture:

Old Architecture Cluster level Job Tracker, Task Tracker on data node

New Architecture:

New Architecture

New Architecture:

New Architecture Resource Manager Cluster level resource manager Long life Node Manager One per data server Monitors resources on node Application Master One per application Short life Manages task / scheduling

Yarn Example:

Yarn Example

Yarn Example:

Yarn Example 1) Client -> Resource Manager Submit App Master 2) Resource Manager -> Node Manager Start App Master 3) Application Master -> Resource Manager Request and release containers 4) Resource Manager -> Node Manager Start tasks in containers


Additions Consider Weave Simplifies the use of Yarn Reduced development effort Simplified API

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