Introduction to Apache Hadoop HDFS


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This presentation introduces Apache Hadoop HDFS. It describes the HDFS file system in terms of Hadoop and big data. It looks at its architecture and resiliance.


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Apache Hadoop HDFS :

Apache Hadoop HDFS What is it ? What is it for ? Architecture Resilience Administration Data access Future changes ?

HDFS – What is it ?:

HDFS – What is it ? HDSF = Hadoop Distributed File System It is a distributed file system Runs on low cost hardware It is open source Written in Java Fault tolerant Designed for very large data sets Tuned for high throughput

HDFS – What is it for ?:

HDFS – What is it for ? Designed for batch processing Streaming access to data Large data sizes i.e. Terabytes Highly reliable using data replication Supports very large node clusters Supports large files Supports file numbers into millions

HDFS – Architecture:

HDFS – Architecture

HDFS – Architecture:

HDFS – Architecture Has a master / slave architecture A master NameNode Controls file system operations Maps data blocks to DataNodes Logs all changes Slave DataNodes Store file blocks Store replicated data

HDFS – Resilience:

HDFS – Resilience Data is replicated across DataNodes Nodes may fail but data is still available DataNodes indicate state via heart beat report Single point of failure in master NameNode Data integrity via check sums

HDFS – Administration:

HDFS – Administration Access via Java API FS Shell commands language HTTP browser C wrapper for Java API Space reclamation Via control of replication factor Deleted files sent to trash folder Trash folder cleaned after configurable time

HDFS – Future changes:

HDFS – Future changes Things they might consider for HDFS File append User quotas File links Stand by nodes

Other Areas:

Other Areas Want to know about ? Big Data Nutch Solr see my other presentations

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