Top 5 Tech Trends In Digital Transformation

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Here are top 5 digital trends which you are going to observe in coming years. 1. Block-chain Technology 2. Friction-less Business 3. Transparent AI 4. IOT Ecosystem 5. Actionable Analytics


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5 Big Trends in Digital Transformation


1. Blockchain Technology Blockchain technology , also known as “the blockchain ,” started off as a method to track digital currency transactions such as with Bitcoin . However, blockchain technology can do much more than that. The “ledger” that is embedded in the block can do everything from tracking transactions to keeping records.


2. Frictionless Business Frictionless business is an approach to business partnerships that works just like it sounds – by removing barriers to collaboration, “frictionless” business allows things to work smoothly and effortlessly. Technology can facilitate this.


3. Transparent Artificial Intelligence We already mentioned AI, but what is transparent Artificial Intelligence ? Transparent AI, as opposed to “opaque” AI, is artificial intelligence that provides a window into the underlying logic in a way that everyone can understand it. This allows for more transparency and openness and can create more trust between partners and with customers.


4. IoT Ecosystems IoT or the “ Internet of Things ” is the connection of smart devices with the greater network and Internet. From IoT tagged warehouse items that improve supply chain management to IoT in your office kitchen, these ecosystems can help streamline operations and improve the bottom line.


5. Actionable Analytics Gathering all the data and analytics in the world won’t help if you if you can’t use it. Business Intelligence is in part the process of analyzing this data to make it actionable and useful.


Get Started with Digital Transformation Today With the right strategic plan to leverage new technologies, your company can maximize profits while improving products and experience for your valued customers. An Artificial Intelligence Consultant can help your company determine the best ways to utilize and implement some of these technologies for the most powerful results.

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